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I was thinking of trying the one by oxy 10. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Hi OXY 10 contains 10 % benzoyl peroxide. From what i have learnt, a higher concentration does not speed up the effect of the chemical and essentially serves to dry up your skin only more. Hence I would recommend a normal/oily cleanser then apply neutrogena 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream over affected areas. Its soothing less irritating and just as effective. I have tried the 10% myself before and ur skin becomes red and irritated but not with the 2.5%. SO well give it a go and tell me how it turns out

Best of luck
Yes, I also recommend using 2.5%, because higher concentrations are more irritating. An inexpensive kind is called Clear Skin Regimen,... it's more of a gel (as opposed to Neutrogena which is a paste) and i find it easier to spread on my face, and less irritating. It's also less expensive than the Neutrogena (even after paying for shipping!) so I definitely recommend that. Good luck!
Hmmm I use a gentle hydrating facial cleanser that doesnt strip all the oils from my face and apply 10% benzoyl peroxide gel for problem areas and it works fine as long as I follow-up with a light moisterizer. I also have to be consistent or else it'll be useless.

Yea I think using a benzoyl peroxide cleanser is too harsh.
My skin is extremely oily that is why I want a cleanser.
check out Carleys clear and smooth cleanser. It's got benzoyl peroxide in it along with other really good stuff for your skin. I myself have the step up version from clear and smooth its called Industrial Strength clear and smooth with 5% benzoyl vs. 2.5%. I can tell you after 2 weeks of using it my skin is completely clear, so it definetly works. search for it on ebay and check it out.

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