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Re: Laur
Jun 23, 2003
Hi and thanks so much for being a sweetheart and looking all of that up.
When the derm gave me this finacea 15% gel, he said they use it to treat rosacea as well. Azeleic acid in general is used to treat acne, rosacea, and perioral dermatitis. He thinks this will really help me in the end, but even after not applying it since last Thursday PM, I'm still dry. Somewhat flaky in places also, and I have these rough patches that don't necessarily feel really rough, but in the mirror they appear scaly. Like sandpaper. I do intend to give the a.acid another shot. The derm seemed to think the finacea would be better than the azelex , ie, not as drying... but my skin was sooo dry to begin with between the spiro and the tazorac(used sparingly 10 minutes daily) That when I tried using everything, it just kept getting more and more irritated. I thought the cream would then be moisturizing as well, but my face became even more dry, irritated, and pitted. I can see every pore at this point.
Although I've been using the jojoba oil, I think my skin became so irritated that even that is having a hard time getting it back it shape.
I have no new breakouts today, and honestly I think its because they must have burned right off my face in the past 5 days! When the derm added akne-mycin ointment, he said it would be a moisturizing antibiotic. I used them both, 1 in the am and 1 in the pm and my skin just became almost flaky and red and raw all at the same time- although in fairness, it was dry to begin with. I stopped everything last Friday, except the jojoba oil. I have been spot treating with azelex in one little spot and akne-mycin in another tiny spot and the Neutrogena healthy face lotion (made a mistake and got the one with glycolic), and I've even been spot treating with the cetaphil moisturizing cream (all I had in the house). All of these spot treatments are in completely different areas. I'm just trying to see what product really made it worse and what product will help the irritated skin the most. I am applying jojoba oil all over, and waiting 1 to two hours before spot treating with anything. I'm not sure when the B5 gel will come. I got the one you are using. I will try it in only 1 place for awhile first to see if it helps and how my skin reacts to it. It probably won't come until the end of the week. ( I hate waiting!!)
But thanks again for looking that up. I've been so confused for so long and I'm just plain worn out.
I will post my progress. Glad you're doing so well.


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