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does anybody know if these two guys react? should you use them together or not? and is a better quality skin system from aveda or such any better? i want something with exfoliation, but i hear most drug store exfoliators are far too harsh. thanks
I've been using both now with no problems, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel and an aftershave lotion with salicylic acid. If your skin is sensitive then mixing the 2 might cause some irritation but I wouldn't think it would be anything too serious.
Yes, I use them both. Salicylic acid opens up the pores and then the BP is able to better penetrate. After washing w/ gentle cleanser (cetaphil), I use an astringent with 1% salicylic acid, and then apply BP gel (2.5%). Before, I was only using the BP, and seeing no results... but now that I've combined the 2, my skin has improved greatly.

Good luck! :)
I use Klaron in the morning which is a topical with sodium sulfate and then my make up has some salicylic acid in it. I am gonna have to find new make up though because when I put the make up on after using my topicals I start itching like crazy! But I have sensitive skin. I think some people just put way too many chemicals on their skin.
Wandering Soul,
I was perscribed BP by my doc and after a month of taking it i saw no results so i switched back to using Salicylic acid, but you were saying to using do i wash my face, put the SA on, let that dry and then put BP? how do you do it?

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