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He didn't tell me to use anything. I guess be/c I'm on so many different pills for my acne (prednisone, doxy, [sprio day 19], and yasmin) and the topical i used i was allergic too. So he thinks my face needs to rest. My face is dry where my acne is, layer of dry skin. I have't been using makeup but when i do i know i'm going to have to use a lotion. I was thinking about using purpose, in the book the hormonally vulnerable woman by geoffrey redmond he thinks it's the best to use. So, I'm going to give it i try later. You can look it up on the web. Just put purpose in your browser. You can get it at walmart, cvs, ummmm other places too the web will tell you. I used cetphil for my body and sometimes for my face but it somes like everytime i used it on my face i got a cyst even though it says it's good for your skin i dont know why it did that. I am mad to be/c i spent soooo much money on many products and this seems to be works actually working. My mom can't use anything on her face not even lotion.

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