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Re: Hi M :)
Jun 23, 2003
sorry to hear what a bad day you're having. I know how you feel and have also done my share of crying. Of course it doesn't help, but sometimes I just can't help myself. I'm sure you are going through the initial breakout from the azelex. It doesn't make it any easier, but that stuff needs to come out I guess. Maybe you should trade off the cleansers...use one in the am and one in the pm. I do think the spiro will kick in soon. Hopefully when it does you will see also the end coming for the initial breakout. I know how awful it si on that stuff.....D did tell us how she went from 100 zits to 200. But maybe when its done, you'll be less oily and be starting to clear.
My face is still to dry to try it all over. Ones that were done (I thought) and going away 2 months ago are coming back as dry bumps under the skin. If there is anything in them I'm hoping that B5 stuff as a spot treatment will finally get it all up. Well, all my spot treatment is up in the air. I have the akne-mycin on in some dry spots just to see if its moisturizing. One looks a bit better and one looks drier.....go figure. I also have had the same thing happen with the Neutrogena healthy skin stuff. I noticed that yesterday. I would like to use the cetaphil because it seems to do an okay job of moisturizing, but to be honest, I'm too afraid I'll breakout. Cetaphil doesn't seem to have a good track record on this board either. So for now I'm just spot treating. I'm using the same products on the same areas and hopefully I will be able to figure out some things from there. I just wish the jojoba oil would somehow kick in and help. It is moisturizing, but its having a hard time repairing the irritation and such. Feel like throwing in the towel, but then this will take over and I can't let that happen.
My hubby came home and said the dr thinks it was just stress. He recently started a better job with a new company, but for the past 3 years has worked approx 75 to 80 hours per week for a different company. A real hole to be honest, and I think it finally caught up with him. He's happier now, but I think his body hasn't caught up. So at least that was some good news.
Well, I hope you're doing a bit better now. I know how anxious I get when going to the dr. It makes you think too much really. and what they said about dermabrasion in a few years or whatever wasn't probably intended to make you feel bad...but I take things that way sometimes too. We're only human. And Dr's are hard to deal with anyway.

Feel better.


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