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If you will, consider for a moment the purpose of exfoliating your skin? Most people with acne or aging skin want to exfoliate to encourage cell rejuvenation and pore cleansing. Professionals will always recommend that persons with problem skin exfoliate. However, no more than once a week. Lemon juice works great because it is not abrasive but the acid in the lemon juice functions to loosen the dead cells which can then be easily wiped away.

It is true that certain products contain harsh abrasives used to remove dead skin, however, a persons skin on a day to day basis takes quite an beating from the environment alone. Perhaps there are some people who would not benefit from exfoliation (i.e. their skin breaks-out), but the number is few. Persons with sensitive skin who have exfoliated but later have skin protrusion (acne or similar types of skin problems) usually have toxins in their skin that are trapped by the dead skin cells. Once the dead skin cells are removed the skin can more easily excrete the toxins (usually in the form of acne). It is better to temporarily have problem skin so that you can have clean healthy skin later. Your skin will eventually react to the toxic build up -- it is just a matter of when. Good food combining can be a good start in limiting the toxins that remain in your body.

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