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I have been looking around on here for a couple of days trying to figure out if theres anything I haven't tried.
I dont have horrible acne
I breakout alot though
and I have since high school, but it seems to have gotten worse the older I get. I am 20 now.... i'm just going to go over what I've done
I started when I was about 13-14 buying every new cleanser out there from Clean&Clear - Neutrogena - Noxema
I had the occasional outbreak still
moved on the the masks, spot treatments, creams etc
Then I began researching at home remedies
I tried Oatmeal mixes ... i clogged my drains several times from this
Baking soda
lemon juice
salt water
gosh u name it, i tried it
in 11th grade I went to the derm
he said i wasnt that bad so he gave me differin
i didnt see a real change
and it made me oily....
i used it for about a year
my face seemed to clear up alot, but what i've realized now is it wasnt the differin, it was my diet
i had a bad relationship and after we broke up, i was still on the differin, but i stopped eating a whole lot
i lost about 30 lbs
i was about 125 i got done to 95 lbs at my lowest
i felt great
my face was perfect
i thought it was the differen, but it wasnt
finally everyone started telling me how i needed to gain weight and start eating again, so i did, slowly.... and then about a year later my face was worse than it had ever been
i thought i grew immune to the differin
so i went to the derm.. they started me out on retin a... tetracycline
helped at first
after about a month it was just like i was breaking out worse, but they were clearing up faster
about 6 months later i go back and tell them
they give me tazorac
this made my face greasy and oily when i put it on
the next morning i would wake up and it would be all red and irritated and dry
still breaking out
i go back, they make me use retin a morning AND night
way too much for my face
i tell them i want accutane
they said theywould give it to me, but before my follow up appt to get the stuff i changed my mind because of all the side effects, my dad talked me out of it
so i thought it through and i remembered how good i thought differin worked for me, and i thought maybe if i tried it again, it will work
then i came on here before i went to get my prescription filled, and started reading the "diet/acne"cure
everynoe has always told me i am crazy if i think losing weight helps my acne
i see now, it does
i eat junk food off the hook now days
my meals consist of nothing but fatty processed food, fast food, fried food, candy, cookies, cereal, chips... etc
but when i was trying to lose weight i remember all i ate most days was something little for breakfast such as a nutrigrain cereal bar, or something along those lines... granola bars
for lunch i had a job in a grocery store and i didnt ever get enough time to go get anything for lunch so i ate a pack of crackers and cheese/peanut butter, or either a bag of pretzals... or a frozen dinner like lean cuisine
and then for dinner i usually ate whatever the family had for dinner...
nothing extremely healthy
no vegetables really... no fruits.. alot of meat i guess and potatoes mac & cheese rolls corn etc..
i remember eating alot of salads...
but i only eat particular things on my salad.... lettuce.... cheese... bacon bits... ranch dressing fat free
i started buying fat free syrups and fat free cheese and 1% milk
i only drank water and milk... and diet drinks with no caffeine
but now i dont even drink diet drinks just water and tea

so im going back on my diet and im a great weight right now 115....
but i dont wanna lose alot of weight or be hungry like i did last time
but i want the benefits of my face clearing up

i dunno..just a thought.... any advice welcomed!

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