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Jun 26, 2003
Hi M

I wasn't around yesterday and wanted to see how its coming for you. Is the spiro kicking in yet? And what is Prometrium anyway??

I have a few new ones on my chin....came up in the last 24 hours. I am spot treating with azelex. The dryness is still there but not near as bad. I did have a new inflamed one on my upper cheek and a few tiny oil filled ones. Wondering if it could've been from the cetaphil cream, but not sure. I stopped using that 2 days ago along with the neutrogena. Just sticking with the jojoba oil. The scaly patch on my left cheek seems a bit better from not putting on anything like the moisturizers. The jojoba oil has FINALLY helped a bit.
I will probably try the azelex as a spot treatment for awhile to avoid irritation and further breakouts. Funny, but my skin isn't near as broken out as it was while using the finacea/azelex. Does that mean it wasn't for me? I'm by no means clear or anything, but my skin isn't quite as angry as it was. The ones I've gotten are STILL only oil filled. If there is anything else in them it must be pretty deep down. Haven't recieved the B5 gel yet, but not going to mess around a lot with that because of my trip coming. I may spot treat an area where I can see the blackheads and just see if it brings them out. The pimples on my chin aren't big, but rather 5 of them or so in a 3/4" area. All oil filled only. Still doesn't seem like typical acne to me and I'm still planning to ask about the Elidel. He will probably tell me it's not for me and I'm crazy, but part of me still believes this is more an immune system thing. Yesterday morning they weren't on my chin and today they are there filled with oil. I had one tiny oil filled one right under my lip and admittedly had to get the tweezers to get the oil out. Well, it came out and within SECONDS it closed up. THEN I did it again to get more oil out and within seconds AGAIN it closed up. Finally it seems the oil is out and I put azelex on to dry it up. Its like if I poke at them (I know, its a no no) but they literally seal themselves back up withing honestly 5 or 10 seconds sometimes. Is that normal? I keep wondering if thats just my over active immune system doing that? I may be grasping at straws. Someone thinks that it could be from salicylic acid....wonder if glycolic could do the same thing? I used that cleanser for 5 years, although I had these first.
Anyway, While using the azelex, remember when I said that even the little ones were red and that sticky inflamed feeling? I wonder if thats normal when using azelex? I know you said your little ones are doing the same thing. I do remember having that initial type breakout on the 5 month accutane course, but it didn't last as long, nor was it that bad compared to the azelex. It seemed that the more I used the azelex, the worse things got. And I realize the product is supposed to react that way, But I did use the finacea for a month first and then a few days on the cream. I seem to think the azelex cream did maybe bring more out though. But I still don't think the oil filled ones are waiting down under the skin. To me its more that the oil just can't get out at that particular moment and builds up or something. Anyway, on Tuesday, I do plan on asking him what else I can do. If needed I will get a biopsy done when I come back . I may have been fighting the wrong battle this entire time. It just doesnt respond to anything but the accutane and thats how a lot of the lupus rashes can be. I would be very interested to find out if the Elidel immunosuppressant would help matters any.
I hope for you the spiro kicks in soon. Just remember, you have had no estrogen and high testosterone for a long time, it may take some time for your body to regulate, but I have seen the spiro work . I know it can be a miracle pill and hope this is your miracle. I know its been a long road. For me, its been 5 years, which isn't as long as some people, and maybe its not even quite as bad as some peoples acne problems, but having lupus too has been really hard. I'm so vain, but why did I have to get the one autoimmune disease that attacks the skin? LOL


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