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i so need some added input on this deal....ive been strugglin for about 5 years now with on and off acne....ive tried everything from tetracylcin to chlamydion (sp?) to retanoid to differin to proactiv to murad even....the list goes on and thats not countin the COUNTLESS over the counter stuff ive tried. NOTHING has worked. this january my face exploded with severe cystic acne and i was so horrible. i was so embarrassed and it ruled over my social life. i now have to revolve my schedule around my acne and when i "think" i may be ok enough to go out in public. it sucks SO bad. its still severe but it fluctuates on how severe it will be each month. right now my doctor just prescribed Duricef (antibiotic) and Levora (birth control). anyone had any experience with those?? i was originally on minocyclin and ortotricyclen lo with no luck. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME GOOD NEWS....OR AT LEAST SOME HELP FOR A CLEAR FUTURE!!!!
I don't know about that particular birth control pill, but for me birth control pills make the [B]biggest[/B] difference in my acne.

Are you seeing a dermatologist?

For cystic acne, it's good to use a vitamin E lotion to prevent scarring, but only put it on the places you need to because supposedly it can clog pores. I've never found it to clog my pores, but people say it does, and with cystic acne you should always be careful.

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