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I just finished my second pack of yasmin today and as far as acne, it might be a little better, but it is nowhere near what I had wanted. I still get some cysts along my jawline and random pimples elsewhere. I guess I don't have as many, but right now for example, I have 2 small cysts on the right side of my jawline and 1 small pimple on the left side. Like I said, it's not horrible, but not great. I still have red marks from old breakouts also. Is there anyone who had to take yasmin for longer than 2 months before seeing great results or is this as good as it's gonna get for me? Also, I have heard of over the counter peels for red marks from old breakouts, what is the best kind and what kind of results should I expect? My face also gets really dry in the winter and I stopped using a moisterizer which seems to have helped the oil not be as bad. It always seems to be the worst (oil and breakouts) when I first start the new pack and then slowly gets better throughout the month. Usually my clearest time is during the sugar pills. Any advice on anything relating to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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