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Re: Yasmin
Sep 8, 2006
I have been on many birth control pills. I started taking them around 12 for my periods. I have been on ortho tri-cyclen, ortho cyclen, ortho cyclen lo, yasmin, alesse, desogen and many more. The ortho's (all three but not at the same time) were the first birth control pills I was ever on. My face was great on all of them except for alesse (which is what caused my very bad (VERY BAD) breakout and yasmin. Nothing else has ever been bad for my skin (i took other bcp's but none ever made me breakout. I had to keep switching be/c first the ortho's (all three) made me have really bad mood swings. So, then I tried all kinds of other bcp's, I can't remember which kind it was but it was making me very dry down there (sorry if this is goss) so that's when I to switched alesse. BIG MISTAKE!!!! So I was on it for a month then my boyfriend and I broke up and I was messing my pills up (fogeting to take one, one day so then I'd have to take two then next, and I didn't have insurance so I stopped taking it. Well looking back on everything I now realize that my acne has to be hormonal be/c I never knew what my skin would look like if I didn't take the pill. Be/c people, it is bad really! So this was a couple months that I didn't take the pill and my skin wasn't really bad but bad enough to make me cancel plans. So then my ex and I started going back out so I got back on alesse (be/c it helped with the drynessand I didn't know that it was what was causing my skin to breakout). So about 2 and a half months and my skin went nuts!!!! really nuts! So i went to the derm he put me on doxy 100mgs (which i'm still on and it does nothing, which I think is another sign that it's hormonal) and then I switched to yasmin was on it for 2 months and my skin was going up and down. Not a crazy amount like oh my skin is so much better but more like i would wake up and think hmmm ok maybe things r going to start doing better now but it never did. My skin was so bad that I was calling the derm every other day. Remind you I don't have insurance! So this has been a horrible experience! Anyway, so he told me that he wants me on ortho tri cyclen (now I know about my mood swings but seriously it's better then this almost anything is better then this! If you read some of my other posts then you know that I won't even go out of the house!) anyway so it's been 5 days and seriously my face is doing sooo much better! But I don't know if it's this or the spiro I am on day 51 today. But it seems weird that my face was so bad then in five days of not being on yasmin and it is ok now you know?

Now I don't know much about acne but just from my own experiences with it and from what I hear on the board. So I'm just going on my opinions here. But it's weird be/c on alesse and yasmin I couldn't stand to have my contacts in. So I tried to remember if I ever felt like this before with any other bc pill and I didn't. By the way it is a side effect of the bc pill. But i never felt that way before. And everyone talks about intial breakouts with bcpills but I never had one ever on any of them. And trust me i've been through alot of them. So now seriously on day 2 (of being on otc)I had my contacts in and they were fine. and my skin is doing so much better! No initial breakout from switching to the pill.

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