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Ok well the story isnt exactly as the title reads...but work today, my boss (woman) who is 23, has never ever had a single zit or even red spot in her entire life. She has perfect skin with a few freckles.

She comes to me today and goes "Look, ahhhhh...Im starting to get these little red pimples on my forehead"..."oh my god, it must be the stress!"

I look at yes she was breaking out, but very minorly. Like were talking spots the size of a spec of dust! Barely noticeable!

She said she has always had perfect skin and never a single zit in her life. The way she said it, gave me the impression that she thinks shes a godess or something.

She started to freak, looking in the mirror every 20 seconds. I had to quickly change the topic, cause I felt bad knowing I had much worse skin than her, so ppl like her should be thankful.

Her skin is so good, that she never has to wear makeup, she washes her face with hand soap and eats fast food everyday.

PPPPFFF if she reacts like this over her first zit, well lets see her with mil acne.

Gee how awful for her to get ure very FIRST zit at age 23. Hmmm...

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