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Hello Yall,

After lurking here for years now I finaly decided to post because I finally got my skin under control and extremely clear. I have tried it all Bonzo, Retin-A, Acuutane, Clindamyacin, Eryhtro, blaa blaa blaa. And until I used Dr. Pickards Copper Peptide (CP) Serum I amost gave up, at times even suicidal my face was so bad. I have been using his products, along with my mom and brother for 5months now and this stuff really works at the root of the problem, not just the surface. The CP Serum goes deep within the skin to rebuild elastin and collogen the slowing comes to the surface while the Exfol Serum (2% Salicylic Acid) exfoilates dead skin within the pore and on the surface layer to slowly reveal new, plump and blemish free healthier skin. I also moisturize with natural ultra refined emu oil. I tried all those other moits/cremes and they always broke me out and had me as oily as a grease shop. This stuff actually locks in moisture and decreases my shine/surface on on my forehead and cheeks.:wave:

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