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I was just curious, are those GLUTEN FREE / YEAST FREE foods such as waffles, muffins, cereals, etc. good for you in terms of the acne?

I heard someone here say to buy 'gluten free' and/or 'yeast free' foods. I looked at the ingredients in the gluten free/ yeast free waffles and it contains potato starches. This normal? Bad for you to eat? At least it doesn't have yeast and it is gluten free.
Thanks for the helpful reply.


Yes. Foods and acne, to me, do not have a direct relationship.

But I have mentioned a million times in a million posts that there are certain foods that may cause
a) allergic reaction or b) acne flare.

These specific foods are iodine, hot sauces, potatoes, and cheese to name a few. This is my personal experience & is my list of foods. But besides those exceptions, I still don't see the need to aviod greats foods because of acne.

Nevertheless, I am open to new ideas and foods. I came across this 'gluten free' stuff and I am curious about it. Further, I am very picky on foods because of my weight training regime. This 'gluten free and yeast free' stuff sounds promising for weight trainers who watch what they eat. It is much healthier and better for your overall health. Not the acne.

Which brings to my INITIAL QUESTION in post number 1 above:

Is this GLUTEN FREE / YEAST FREE food helpful in terms of the acne? Although it is free of yeast and glucose, it contains "potato starch" in the ingredients.

Any replies would be helpful. Thanks a lot and have a good one, -AARON.

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It seems like society has an ever changing list of "good" foods and "bad" foods. On the bad list right now are gluten and yeast, probably because they are common allergens. Foods that commonly cause allergies can also commonly cause food intolerances in others. And lots of people are unaware of their intolerances and will eat the foods, get headaches, stomach pains, break out in acne etc. and not know it is because of something they ate. Some believe that everyone is intolerant to gluten and yeast because they are hard to digest, toxic to the system, etc. Not sure if there is any truth in that.

As for the potato starch, it doesn't seem extremely healthy (probably high in simple carbs) but it is less likely to cause allergic/intolerant reactions, so in that way it could be a better choice. Might as well try it and see if you notice any difference.
I haven't gone the gluten/yeast free route yet, but I have gone the reduced carb/sugar route and that has helped tremendously. I juice alot, and just try to eat more natural foods.., so the twinkies are out.

So, I guess I can't give any help, but I definitely say NOT to deprive yourself of whatever food you like, cause life is too short... but realize that it can have an effect on you. Everything in moderation.

OH, and after my last break out (that came out of no-where), I did go and get allergy tested. I got tested for just about every food possible, just so that I would know for sure. Maybe that would be an option for some. (????) It is kinda painful though :(
Hey Aaron,
Sorry everyone's picking on ya, but I hear ya. If you REALLY want to know what makes the Gluten Free and Yeast Free diets so special it's that they reduce your sugar intake. Yup, bascially they are nothing more than another one of them blasted Low Carbohydrate diets. So there's not much else to say in that respect.

I KNOW you have tried a Low carb diet that was effective and you lost weight, but it wasn't effective ENOUGH to reduce/eliminate your acne. That is why you will notice EVERYONE that has EVER cleared or improved their acne from diet, with the exception of food allergies, will ALWAYS have been from some FORM of a Low Carb diet. I'm sorry, that the one you used wasn't enough. Perhaps a Gluten Free, Yeast-Free, or No Grain diet will help. I can't say 100%, but based on science it's gotta do something for you. Most people, depending on how strict they went, their skin usually cleared from 90 - 100%. At least half of these people that cleared completely did so with NO other supplements or medication. Yet, they are also the ones following the "strictest" of diets, but their hormones and acne were quite difficult to control. If you go this route, A No Grain or Paleolithic, Mucous Free, Yeast Free, or Specific Carbohydrate Diet (can have special breads) approach, might be best.

Just because you give up quick & easy foods, doesn't mean that you can't ENJOY the foods that you still can eat. I really hate to say this, but I'm afraid that a good portion of us are brainwashed into believing that fast food, refined foods, etc our are given RIGHT! I didn't have to give up fast foods, excpet those that contain gluten. I don't miss anything, I've discovered that the stuff we eat is but a fraction of the available great tasting foods out there, I have no regrets, and I'm very happy. Oh and Yes, I do still eat foods with bad fats and table

We are all different but without a doubt, refined wheat and/or Whole Wheat seems to be the biggest item that is eliminated from a lot of different diets. Even if you don't believe the fact that we aren't genetically advanced enough to digest these proteins, there still MUST be reason. Yet, that's actually why SOME people noticed improvement when the added Probiotics or Digestive enzymes, since these helped to break down these proteins.

No I'm not some die hard advocate against all grains, for I'm still consuming some (may HAVE to give them up) and I don't force my method on anyone that doesn't ask. Believe it or not, I bet that you eat "healthier" than I do in some ways, I'm far from perfect, but I avoid what I MUST! So I have to wonder, with wheat being a top food ALLERGEN, INTOLERANT food, and constantly reduced or ELIMINATED in a variety of healthy diets, why would anyone keep insisting on comsuming such a problematic food?

From ingredient labeling and actually from a show on Oprah, this is what I found the most fascinating or appalling. The two things that we debate about that cause us to have acne, weight problems, cholesterol etc are the things that 90% of ready made, canned, fast food, frozen, tv dinner, etc meals are composed of. They are laced with Wheat/grain proteins & their derivatives - SUGAR AND/OR they are laced with trans-fatty acids (partially or hydrogenated oils, soo many different names and derivatives). We wonder WHY despite all of advances people still have problems and that Medicine is MAYBE the only thing that can help them. LOL, they have severely screwed up our food system and health and we and our parents, and our friends, are payimg for it.

Like I learned in class, what most people die from today is known as a "Disease of Lifestyle." Meaning, if we did ALL or most of the right things, it could have been prevented. We have MORE control now over our own health, yet it doesn't seem to matter. We walk around thinking it's ridicoulous to have to give up something that you "love" just because it can and is hurting you. Well I gave up quite a few favorite foods and I don't really care! ;-) I don't even realy think about them and when I do, I just smile (cuz yea they were good). If it's something that you CAN NOT HANDLE, that will effect you negatively in some way, then why, WHY do you still want it?

So it comes down to priorities. There are others that would like to gain weight or continue bodybuilding but they decided they liked having clear skin and being HEALTHY more. Unless you grow out of it, and hopefully diabetes, heart problems, etc aren't to follow, this isn't something you need to worry about forever. Would it really hurt that much to give it up for a few weeks or months?

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