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Once I save up enough money, I'll buy the (1 oz) Epidermx II & (4 oz) Silkia Camellia oil. I found a website that offered them both together, although I'm not sure whether there are other websites that offer them both together and at a lower price. It looks like it'll come out to around $50 :eek: , but I'm desperate enough to buy it at that cost. Thank you very much once again for replying. I'm going to a University and I'll have to move in with other people. Since I've never allowed other people (besides my family) to see my face without make-up, I'm rushing to find something before I go.

**I'm sorry about bothering you so much Waterlily, but I thought it be best to ask everything. I keep editing this :P. What cleanser would you recommend for an oily/acne prone face? Is there anything else I should use besides these products (moisturizers, sunscreen)? As for Epidermx & EpidermxII, I decided to buy EpidermxII so that I can use it everyday. Since I'm using it everyday (instead of the 2 times a week with Epidermx), would it work faster to smoothen out my skin? Do you know how long the products would last me if I use it two times everyday? I apologize for asking so many questions, I must be annoying you :(.
I recommend the Purpose Gentle cleanser or St Ives Radiance cleanser. Both are great for oily acne prone skin.

If you use the camellia oil, you don't need a separate moisturizer. The oil is very moisturizing. I put Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF55 sunscreen over the oil.

I think if you use Epidermx II everyday, you will see results for smoother and clearer skin faster. I just started using it everyday a week ago and I can't get over how clear and radiant my skin looks. I used to use Epidermx once or twice week, and less often in the winter cuz it felt quite gritty and abrasive. But the new Epidermx II doesn't feel gritty/abrasive and I love that I can use it everyday. I am not sure but I think it will last you a month if you use it 2 times a day.

You mentioned you also use Retin-A and if that's still the case, I think you shouldn't use Epidermx II 2x a day, unless you are not using Retin-A on that night also.
Thanks again for you advice! I e-mailed the website that offered Epidermx II and they said that one jar should last me a month, however, I decided to purchase two jars of Epidermx II just incase! Well, I can't wait to try it :). I have a feeling this will really work. I decided not to buy the Retin A cream because I hate it when my skin starts peeling. Thank you once again for your help. It means a lot to me. :wave:

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