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Hi. I've had mild to moderate acne for most of my adult life. Was on and off the pill and antiobiotics for years. Started Retin-A Micro about 6 months ago. While it did improve my overall complexion, I still had resistant acne on my chin. Had to go off of antibiotics and, as feared, my skin really broke out. That's when I started reading the boards. I started the GI diet, tried the aspirin mask, sea salt, Juice Beauty. . . .

After 6 weeks on the diet, my skin was better, but I still didn't feel like I had any control (or any idea of what was causing me to break out). I was away on business for 5 weeks and sometime Week 2 picked up some zinc and evening primrose oil (both in pill form at Boots in London or at the Vitamin Shoppe in the States). And I kind of fell off the wagon with the diet. But even though I was eating all the "red-light" foods, my skin didn't break out. It was amazing. It's been about a month now and I just had one small breakout after a really heavy night of beer drinking.

I've been told that too much zinc can be harmful, so I'm going to have my doctor test me to see just how deficient I am. Also, people recommend taking breaks from evening primrose oil--take it for 2 weeks, stop for 1 week.

Good luck!!!!!

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