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Hello all,

I used to post on this board last year around this time when I was going through my first course of accutane to treat my cystic acne. Unfortunately after 9 cystic acne-free months...its baccckkk...grrr. But anyway, such is life...for those on the board that I don't know...and those souls still here from last year...HI :), I hope things are going well, at least relatively, and that hope is still out there.

My current situation is as follows, have cystic acne (mild at the moment) and regular acne which is not doing the best right now. I also have rosacea from the first course of accutane that I am keeping under control with burdock root tea and a diet low in bread, refined sugar and wheat products.

I have a derm appt. on Friday to re-evaluate things and I'm not sure what is going to go down... for those that are new since I've been here last...I have had moderate to severe cystic acne since I was 18 (am almost 21 now). I was on 100mg minocycline and tazorac gel for about a year before it stopped working...tried b5, "old guys plan" and diet for about 4 months without success.. and then I went on a 5 month course of accutane (80mg day)....and 9 months later I'm almost back to square one. Slightly worse off actually because of the rosacea and the migraines I have now from accutane. But anyway, I'm done with my pity party...and I just wanted to re-introduce myself to the board again because I haven't been here in so long... thats all for now...take care


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