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Hey Guys.

I've told my story a few times on this board, but I'll (try to) make this one short and sweet. For around 5 years now I've been dealing with cystic acne. Its a bit on the severe side, and medicines do not really help it along.

Around 6 months ago, my breakouts stopped almost spontaneously (more on that, here: [url=""][/url] and all my scars were really healing. I was having the high of my life, I got a touch of what it was like to be free!

But my hopes were shattered around a month ago when my acne came back in full force as spontaneously as it left, and its taking no prisoners this time! My face = broken out with cysts, well making up for those 6 or so months of bliss and healing. So I'm back to square one, with no way out.

This time however, my acne has started to reach places I've never gotten a zit before. I've been pretty fortunate up until now, only having to worry about my face and neck (partially).

Now... its my full neck, my chest, my back, my arms... even my wrist/hands and legs! Its everywhere. Now don't get me wrong, its not that bad on these "unchartered" areas, but its becomming more frequent by the week I'd say.

I'm now 17, is this a regular process for going through acne? I recently bought Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Scrub for this exact problem and I'm wondering if this may not be an "initial breakout" if you will, my skin reacting to the product. Only time will tell I guess. But either way I am completely clueless, and am just hanging on... barely. Life was so great, and now I have more problems on my hands (literally) than I began with. Humph....

Anyone know what's goin on? Thanks a bunch.

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