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I tried that pca phaze 13, I was talking about some where on this board but 8 days in and it made my skin very red and dry in the spots where i put it on. It's still recovering. So I was searcging the web and some people are talking about this epidermx and microdermx. I was wondering if anyone has ever used either of them and how it turned out for you. I really want to get rid of my scars, they are soooo bad. Thank you all very much. And if there is anything else out there that you feel work please let me know. Thank you. I really value this boards opinions.
I use Epidermx and along with Silkia camellia oil my acne scars are pretty much all gone. I'm not talking about just red marks, but also the pitted kind of scars. I had 5 pits on my forehead, measuring about 2 mm deep, now they're barely visible. I had another 3 immediately above my upper lip and they have been a lot more smoother looking, though still very visible and I need to use a concealer there everyday.
How long was it until you saw results? And where and I get this epiderm and silkia camellia oil? On the net or at a store? I seen a good website with the epiderm that had some good reviews, do you think I should buy it there or at a store if I can? I hope I am not going to far, so I don't get banned. Oh and should I wait until all of my acne is gone to use it?
I began to notice results for the pitted scars at around 5 months. Initially it didn't seem they were doing anything for the scars. But right after that time the scars began to look better and better every month. Improvements for the red marks were faster, about 2-3 months and the blackheads I had were gone in a month.

I haven't seen those products in any store. I'm used to ordering almost everything online so that's not any biggy for me.
Do you put the epiderm on just the scars or on ur whole face?
all over my face. You should use it all over the face too, cuz it's great for evening out and brightening skin tone, and smoothing out the skin texture. Now that my skin tone looks so much better and even I don't bother with foundation any more. I put on foundation only when I go out for a special event like wedding or something like that.

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