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Hey im usually in teh wieght lifting boards but i had super severe acne so i figure i would share it with you. Well i must start off by saying i had teh worst acne in high school. both cystic and bacterial infections (we was a poor family in indiana) then when my lazy ass dad got me on accutane and some penicillin i cleared up but with really WIDE poors and swollen redness. all over my face. I hated my life! the doctors were excited to see me and told me i was a miracle because my level of acne was supposed to give me deep scarring but i healled up mostly smooth. I still have the deep pores on my right cheek only (the side i slept on i think it got irritated so many times, i would wake with a bloody pillow always) I have moved to san diego and since then i have persued ways to elimate the little scarring i have left. I havent really found the key to this yet but i have found a miracle that makes my skin seem scarless. Its the very simple cheap most people use it for wrinkle reduction. its just retin-a IN mexico retin A is a big seller its over the counter and you can cross one tube back across customs i started getting small bits of acne again so the dermatologist in TJ told me to get retin A gell .5% adn use that. Thats how i noticed my wide poor scars go away (i dont know what to call em) i dont use it like it says to be used,

shower using clearasil daily face wash and a buff buff sponge gentle,
i shave with an eletric razor really well.

Then i take the retin A gel and CAKE it on massage it everywhere. repeat this except teh shaving part for a total of 3-5 days actually just do it till your face is red as hell and burns to the touch of retin a alchohol. then quit all together. now with every shower gently clean your skin with the sponge and daily face was. your skin well get really dry and flake off like dandruff for about a week.
all in all it kinda reminds me of suburn but instead of peeling its like face dandruff.

Aafter that your skin will be back to its normal moisture level you will be clear as a bell your skin will feel very tight and your scars will be raised and smooth.

The results of this last for weeks.
If you have questioins post them here. Also if your have a tan this will lighten it up a lot whenever im getting darker i trial of this will lighten my face up a lot. So i hope this helps somebody out there. Thanks.

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