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[quote]Originally posted by SweetJade1:
Hi there, thanks for your kind words =) I really would like for everyone to find their answer, whatever it may be, and if you want to see if diet can help you, then I'll offer you what knowledge I have.

I am curious though, how old are you? How long have you had acne? How frequently do you break out and what types of acne do you get?

What is your current diet like and how much do you think you can change it? Do you have a health food store near by? Does your family cook or eat out more? Have you found or suspect that certain foods aggravate your skin?

I ask all these questions becaue they might determine what kind of diet is best for you or that you might prefer. Especially if you aren't able to completely overhaul your diet, I wouldn't want to suggest all these "crazy" things to do and you aren't able to do them. Not to mention, some can be overwhelming and are probably not always neccssary anyway ;-)

Well... im asian, but fair-skinned and am now 17(male). I've had acne since 13. I no longer get cyst or nodule, but still get a fair amount of whiteheads that usually lead to red marks :(. I break out seem like every few days. So far my diet is eat whatever there is.. There are a few health stores around, but i usually goto the supermarket because it's alot closer. My family always cooks, but its alot of stirfry and oil.

As for topicals and acne meds, i think i tried every prescription drug short of accutane. benzacline, tetracycline, doxy, retin-a... and some more. I've used, bp, s. acid, glycolic acid (30%), jojoba oil, hydroquinone, cp serum, and various otc cleansers/lotions/creams. Nothing has worked much tho
Right now, my current method is
-Alpha hydrox cleanser
-apple cider vinegar
twice a day.. also i take a Multi w/o iodine or iron
i've never really tried a diet b4, that is y your post is inspiring me with hope

thanks again for your help sweetjade
hope that helps
thanks for taking your time to help a sad boy like me
u are a real sweetheart

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