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Again, like all FOOD postings, it is completely up to the individual. Some might have allergies to certain foods, some disagree, etc. This is just my logical thought and also what a couple of my dermatologist's have said. With that said, here is the deal.


I was watching The Travel Channel and saw this 'World's Best' series where they showed different eating contests from different cities.

The eating contests included fish, jalepenos, hamburgers, eggs, and anything else you can think of that might 'cause acne' so to speak. Eating contest as in several pounds of food intake. And these people are not rookies. They have been doing this mass eating for a while.

Let me point out, there were people of all ages. Upper teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. None of these people had acne. And it isn't a commercial or an ad for them to wear makeup. These are ordinary people on a documentary type program. Nevertheless, it brings me to the point that - some people (like my friends - no matter what they eat, will not get acne. Therefore, FOOD IS NOT THE SOLE CAUSE OF A PIMPLE. It might, just might, be related in increasing your OIL or INSULIN level, but it doesn't mean you will get a pimple because the level is high.

As long as you keep your skin free of excess dead skin cells, keep the pores clean of cloggs, no matter how much OIL your skin produces, you should'nt get acne.

So - just like my DOC said - eat whatever you want - just make sure to keep the skin clean 2x per day with these three important formulas:

Salicylic Acid
Glycolic Acid
Benzoyl Peroxide


People eat whatever they want. As long as you keep the external skin clean, it doesn't really matter what happens in the inside. I know people with 10 times more oil on their faces - yet no acne. It is just because they are not acne prone. Us, acne folks, must keep the external dead skin cells clean so that any OIL coming up from the glands will flow easily to the top with no interference. It is plain and logical.

Having said that - I really don't think it will be a good idea to stock up on McDonalds. Generally speaking, fast food, hot foods, and of course iodine, might have somewhat a factor in acne prone skin. Other than that, it I think everything is just fine. I just don't believe in the silly low-carb diet. It makes me laugh.

By the way - I have tried different diets. Just Protien / low-carb / high-carb / high amounts of junk food / etc. You name it. I have tried it all. As a matter of fact - I have gone up and down 20 pounds in the past half year. People are always telling me every week that I gained and/or lost weight. I tried all diets and am YET TO FIND A DIRECT RELATION WITH ACNE AND FOOD. But hey, thats just me.

It all comes down to keeping the dead skin cells clear, and the pores clear of cloggs. If those steps are done well in acne prone skin, no matter what u eat or how much sebum your skin has - it will just naturally come out with no acne.

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