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So, if FOODS DO IN FACT CAUSE ACNE, then what do you say to those people who eat anything they want (candy, peanuts, salt, chips, burgers, spices, cheese) and not get a single zit?

What causes only you to break out? You must FIND what is making YOUR skin to break out with these foods because most others dont get a zit, let alone, foods.

Why does 20 year old John Doe eat a Big Mac, a double scoop ice cream, and a Kit Kat and doesn't break out, while some of you claim that foods cause the acne.

Don't blame the food - fix the problems CAUSING the FOOD to break you out - if that is the case.

FOODS are meant to be eaten. Unless u don't die, you can eat it. Of course, unhealthy eating is not recommended, but there are always people who post that carrots, brocolli, onions, etc...('healthy' foods) are "bad for acne."

I think keeping the skin clean with a simple wash 2x per day is good enough.

If you are ACNE PRONE - then you will get acne no matter what you do or dont do, eat or dont eat. Just simple as that. You must let it run its phase. Washing 2x per day with medications will help, but I wouldnt stress on foods.

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