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Hey there =)

I'm just curious but, does anyone find the title to be a bit erroneaous? I mean, [b]do you automatically believe that topicals won't work for you or anybody else, just because you haven't found the right one? [/b] No, you try using [b]another ingredient[/b] or a [b]different formulation[/b]. Well, the same can be said for diet, just because you've tried "ALL of them", meaning 4 diets, doesn't mean that it won't work for anyone else. I mean, there are DOZENS of diets out there and if you STILL have even ONE ingredient in there that aggrevates YOUR system, then it won't work properly! Hmm...I guess that's why some of you give up and decide that diet doesn't work for you. Ok, it's a free country ;-)

I would like to say though that in terms of the other arguments, that there are [b]TWO groups of acne sufferers[/b]. Those that are going through [b]Puberty[/b] (temporary hormonal imbalance) and those that have a seemingly Permanent [b]Hormonal Imbalance[/b] (anywhere from pre-birth/fetus - adulthood, etc)

I would also like to say that, you should learn to [b]watch the way you breakout[/b]. From what I've noticed from some of you, we may indeed breakout in cycles or Seasonally. Some of us Breakout during the Summer and others during the Winter, right? Therefore, you should take into account the way your skin behaves during the times you choose to experiment with something new. You may be unjustly proclaiming or eliminating a treatment.

If you're hormones are anything like mines and some others, the treatment you follow usually doesn't work as well, during your breakout cycle, does it? So if you were to find something that worked [b]DURING[/b] your breakout cycle, so that you were no longer breaking out, you would then conclude that it could be your cure, right?

OK and that's the DIFFERENCE between finding a topical "cure" and an Internal "cure". That's why you see many of use running to accutane, birth control, spironolactone, diet etc. [b]If you've eliminated all outside influences and STILL have acne, then No matter what you use on your skin, the acne will always come back![/b] That's because something INSIDE is causing the problem. Yet, if you [b]find the [i]RIGHT[/i] internal treatment[/b], it will cease. Not to mention that your NEED for topicals will decrease or become unneccessary.

No, I am not knocking topicals because they do GREAT things, but unless your acne is temporary, they will NEVER be GOOD ENOUGH! They will NEVER be your cure! That's exactly why you see some of us discussing endocrinologists and naturopaths, etc. We've dealt with acne since we were 6, 10, 15, 20, and even 50 years of age and we KNOW that an internal solution is the [b]only[/b]answer.

You want to know what makes "Jane Doe" different from the rest of us, right? Genes. [b]Jane's genes are such that her body will show problems in other areas and perhaps at a different time than during puberty.[/b] Whereas ours, decided that acne would be our "warning signal." You should really consider yourselves [i]LUCKY[/i], because at such a young age you are aware that there is something so wrong, imbalanced, inside of you that your body chose to cry out for help in the form of acne.

If you don't understand what I mean, then just read this below, to see how it begins for us all.

So you eat something, lets say a SANDWHICH (meat, vegetables, grain bread), and it enters your [i]digestive system [/i]where it's broken down. Now, depending on it's glycemic value, a certain amount of [b]glucose[/b] will be available for your body's energy needs. This presence of glucose will cause your [i]pancreas[/i] to produce [b]insulin[/b] to enhance glucose utilization and sometimes it will be a HUGE amount of insulin! Now, if your body (cells, tissues) doesn't need the insulin, it will be converted into [b]glycogen[/b] and [b]fat[/b] for storage in your [i]liver, skeletal muscle, adipose tissue[/i], and [i]skin[/i].

Now, if your liver can [b]NOT[/b] store the glycogen & fat and your cells & tissues [b]will not accept [/b]the glucose then you have a problem. This is known as [b]Insulin Resistance[/b], which can later lead to [b]Type I Diabetes [/b](auto-immune, don't make enough or ANY insulin), [b]Type II Diabetes [/b](unable to use the insulin you do make),[b] Heart Disease [/b](due to high LDL cholesterol levels, free fatty acids), [b]Hypertension[/b], [b]Dyslipidemia [/b](lipid imbalance in blood stream), [b]Obesity [/b] etc. all prevalant in most Western societies. So anyway, [b]IR occurs because your cells are either too full of glucose or they don't RECOGNIZE the insulin you do have[/b]. As a result, you not only have all this extra insulin, but glucose, free fatty acids & amino acids floating around in your blood stream with no where to go....

Now, [b]some of us do not have the same gene defects [/b](read middle of article on CYP450 for specifics). Therefore the [b]PATHWAY[/b] to this next part, is different for all of us depending on what our defect, or in other words, [b]hormonal disorder [/b]is. Examples of hormonal disorders with acne as a SYMPTOM are [i]Hypothyroidism[/i], Hirsutism, [i]Insulin Resistance[/i], Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)-Syndrome X, [i]Hyperandrogenism[/i], Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), [i]Hypercortisolism - Cushings Syndrome[/i], etc.

So depending on the pathway, this extra or free insulin is going to cause your [b]Adrenal Glands [/b]and [b]Ovaries[/b] OR [b]Testes[/b] to produce [b]Steriod Hormones[/b]. I'm not going to list them all for you, listed some of them on various posts ;-) but these hormones [b]in excess [/b]or [b]in deficiency [/b]create your...hormonal imbalance.

Obviously if it's in excess you know why you have the problem, but what about if you are deficient in a hormone (vitamin, enzyme, etc) right? What happens is that your body is looking for this hormone and if it can't find it, and is capable of making it, will produce MORE. At least it thinks it's producing more, but sometimes it's [b]unable[/b] to produce the hormone and as a result, [b]OTHER hormones get overproduced [/b]in the process.

The same thing applies to IR, if your cells don't [b]recognize[/b] the presence of insulin, then [b]your body keeps making more insulin[/b], "thinking" that you don't have enough in your system. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how much your body produces or tries to produce of a hormone, because [b]there is a problem in the pathway that makes this mechanism work perfectly[/b]. Therefore, until the defective pathway is FIXED, the viscious [b]cycle[/b] will continue...or get worse (organ breakdown/burnout, tumors, cancer).

A possible side effect to this would be [b]testosterone[/b] conversion into [b]DHT[/b] (super androgen) in your blood stream and in your [i]sebaceous glands & hair follicles.[/i] Which would increase your production of sebum, skin cell proliferation, inflammation, etc. and that would be how some of us get acne.

Any questions? ;-)

Of course if someone can explain it better PLEASE do so. Until then, I guess that's a summary of the diet connection. If you choose to change your diet, [b]the goal is NOT to eliminate ALL forms of sugar.[/b] It's impossible to eliminate all forms of sugar anyway, but you only want to [b]permantly [/b]avoid enough to get your hormones in balance again.

Some of you might wonder WHAT this has to do with Puberty, right? Well, [b]during puberty, our bodies are in a state of insulin resistance[/b]. As a result, not only do our we get taller, etc, but some people end up becoming overweight, others get mild hirsutism, acne, menstural problems, extremely muscular, develop incorrectly, etc. So even [b]teenagers[/b], those going through [b]puberty[/b] can benefit from an insulin-controlling diet since their bodies are not just "hormonal" but actually [b]temporarily insulin resistant[/b]. Whereas, some of the rest of us are insulin resitant and/or something else ,and that means that with or without drugs, we will ALWAYS have to follow some form of a low carb diet.

For those that don't know, the break down for carbohydrates are:

[b]Glucose[/b] (dextrose)-- also refined/processed foods,
[b]Galactose[/b] (hydrolyzed lactose)
[b]Fructose[/b] (fruit sugar)
[b]Maltose[/b] (malt sugar = hydrolyzed starch)
[b]Sucrose[/b] (table sugar = sugar cane & beet sugar)
[b]Lactose[/b] (milk sugar)

[b]Glycogen[/b] - stored glucose
[b]Starch[/b] plant glucose from Vegetables, Whole Grains, & Legumes.
[b]Fiber [/b]- [i]soluble & insoluble [/i]from Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, and Whole Grains

Also, please be aware that certain sugar substitutes are also formed from the above sugars. They are used in some dietary and low carb foods though because people are still looking for something that tastes sweet ....darn Sugar Addicts! LOL So for example, [b]Mannitol[/b] is [i]Alcohol Sugar[/i] formed from Hydrogenated Glucose.... LOL, our tastes buds seem to be our own worst enemy [url=""][/url]

Of course I don't believe that diet [i]alone[/i] will be the answer for everyone, but I think you can see WHY and HOW it very well has helped an [b]increasing[/b] number of us. However,[b] all[/b] the popular drugs, supplements, and diets that are used to clear acne, including B5 and Accutane, all work to [b]prevent[/b] something disasterous from occuring along the [b]Insulin Resistant[/b] pathway. So, feel free to use ANY internal method of treatment that you feel comfortable with. I believe some are more harmful than others, that some are much easier to follow, and that some are more healthier for you. Yet it is your life and [b]you must use the knowledge of you and your family's background[/b] to make the appropriate decisions. Just remember though, that puberty is temporary, but for [b]some[/b] of you this won't be. The more time that is wasted, believing in dermatologists and antibiotics, instead of seeing a doctor, (endocrinologist), the [b]more[/b] your hormones will escalate and cause additional developmental and health problems for you. It's happened to many of us adults, and I don't want that to happen to anymore of you...

Here's Puberty articles:
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Please take care,

P.S. Go at your own pace, do what you CAN do, and NEVER feel guilty about it! If you want to take 20 pills a day go for it. If you want to eliminate an entire food group (grains) go for it. As long as you are getting results, do what you MUST in order to be happy AND healthy =)

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