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For about the past two years I began to experience severe acne. I never had acne as a teen, so to experience it as a 33 year old adult was traumatizing. I began to have the type of acne that was huge and nodular (pustular ?) Over the past two years, I have tried various over the counter meds as well as deep cleaning methods such as abrasiderm devices. Finally, I visited a dermatologist who wanted me to go an an AB for 6 months. I took it for three days and experienced side effects. Aslo, the topical meds they put me on caused me to break out even worse.

I began to do research and came to the conclusion that my problem was caused by toxins in my system. I went on an herbal line of products to do a total body clense - the system is to be takenn for a month, but just 2 weeks enabled me to see remarkable results in my acne. The program targets cleansing of the colon, liver, lymphatics, blood, kidney and 4 other body systems. (I won't give a name because I don't think that it was the product itself, but just the fact that my body needed to be flushed of toxins; I would imagine that any deep body clense will do.) After three days, the break outs stopped and the remaining pus nodules began to clear up the following 2 weeks. The first thing I did, prior to the system cleanse, was to STOP DOING EVERYTHING. I stopped taking the prescriptions, anything OTC and I discontinued the use of store bought creams and facial cleansers.

After two weeks on the cleanse, I went back to the old time use of Lye Soap from a local hardware and feed store (Grandma's Lye Soap was the brand). Contrary to belief and perception, this soap is NOT harsh and it did not burn my face. In fact, the prescribed MEDS burned my face to a peel and I have sensitive skin. The lye soap did not dry my skin and it left my face soft. After two days, my skin became brighter. It was as if the muddiness was gently removed without the harsh exfoliating effects.

In addition to using the lye soap in the evening, I also used a sulfer based soap that I bought from the health food store. I used both soaps at the same time. If there were days when I experienced a tingling effect, I simply skipped the use of one of the soaps that day. Most times I used them at the same time, other days I used one in the morning and the other at night.

Using the sulfer soap killed the bacteria that caused the pus to form. The lye soap gently exfoliated, cleaned, and brightened my skin.

Lastly, I used witch hazel EVERY night just before bed to remove remaining traces of makeup and oil that the soaps may not have removed.

Since I began this less expensive "home remedy" regime, I have NEVER, EVER, EVER had another breakout. I dealt with the huge pus nodules for 2 years and they left deep scars, black spots and small keloids (I am african american). Dedicating myself to this treatment for 6 weeks caused my skin to be completely free of any future acne, my face is smooth, my sone has evened out, the dark spots have cleared (spots that I've had for YEARS) and my skin is two shades lighter (I know because I've had to change makeup shades - and I rarely ever use makeup anymore; My face is just that clear.)

I hope this helps someone. The key is to take the steps to target the root of the problem - eliminating the bacteria. For me, that meant more than dealing with the face. I had to start with all of my body systems and organs.

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