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:mad: Hi, I've been having these pesky little "irritations" on my face for about 3 months now, and I don't know if they're acne or something else. I'm in my mid-teens and have never broken out before in my life (maybe one pimple every few months). WELL! Much to my dismay, they stopped making a makeup that I had been using for about 2 years, so I had to try something else. I tried everything from Clinique, to Almay, to Covergirl, etc. With each one, my skin kept getting more and more irritated and broken out ... it looked more "rashy" though as I had all-over reddness, and the "pimples" didn't have a white head to them or anything. There were just clusters of itchy, flesh-colored bumps. Anyway, I tried using Proactiv to clear up my skin, and it miraculously worked... for like a week. Then my face became extremely dry and I had actual PIMPLES (the classic zit)! This is what I've been going through for a few months, and I don't even know what it is at this point. I stopped the Proactiv and I've been using a little bit of hydrocortisone cream, and now most of the irritation is gone... now all I have are the little flesh-colored bumps.

- It's only on my cheeks (no where else on my face)
- It almost looks like the "chicken skin" that I have on the backs of my arms and thighs... and I heard that this condition (keratosis pilaris) can also be on the face.
- When I squeeze them (I just wanted to see what it was at first, so I squeezed it to see if anything came out), a tiny little clear/white "bulb" pops out. No pus or anything. The SAME THING happens when I pop the ones on my arms/thighs (the little bulb pops out). And they're not sore like inflamed pimples. Then I have a little pin-dot sized scab for a week in its place.

I wouldn't even care aside from the fact that I'm Italian and have olive skin, so it hyperpigments and I'm left with spots for 6mnths to a year!!! :( Even if I only get a pimple a month, it looks like a constantly have red spots all over my cheeks.

I'm thinking that maybe the Proactiv only worked because it's so exfoliating, so it makes sense that it would scratch the little bumps off if it was keratosis pilaris and not acne.

Does anyone know if this is considered acne!? I'm so frustrated and I'd love some opinions! THANK YOU!!!!!

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