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I'm shocked at how many people actually go years and years without breakouts after taking Accutane. I know it's a good drug, but I don't see how it could be effective in the long term. It doesn't seem to actually fix anything. All it does is dry up your skin and lower oil production, but that's only good for as long as you take the pill. Apparently, if you want to be rid of acne for good, you'd have to take Accutane over a lifetime, which is just annoying.

I started Accutane 7 months ago, and my treatment ended 2 months ago. Since then, I've had a resurgance of acne. It's nothing super-major, but it's significant enough for me to take notice. When I got off, pimples began to form on my face, but they were pretty much small and unnoticeable. They would come and go quickly. But lately, I've started getting scalp acne again, which was another thing I had before taking Accutane. And it seems that my face is getting pimples at a faster rate than a few weeks ago, despite all the preventative measures I take against acne (washing face often, Clearasil). Ironically, the one place that has yet to be bothered much with a resurgance of acne is my back, and prior to Accutane, that was the worst spot for my acne. Needless to say, I am stunned by all this.

I have a dermatologist appointment in a few days, and I don't want to have to go back on Accutane. It is so annoying to have to take all those pills throughout the day, and I hate the chapped lips.

I have two questions:

1) What can I do to control my acne in the short term (for my derm visit)?
2) How can I keep my acne under control in the long term?

I appreciate any help.
I know that tropicals and such just dry out the skin, but doctors advertise Accutane is a cure, when in reality, it's not. They make it sound like Accutane isn't anything you'll have to take over the course of your life, like pills for high blood pressure. They make it sound like they're just short-term pills. But for some, if you want to keep acne at bay, you'd have to take Accutane over a lifetime, which does get kind of frustrating and annoying.

By the way, my acne's kind of calmed down since I last posted, so I guess I was just overreacting. My scalp is a little better, but there still are several annoying bumps on it.

Right now, I am trying to deprive myself from dairy products to see if that helps because I've heard that often has a major effect. So far, it might be working a little because things have calmed down some.

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