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Acne Cure update!
Jun 29, 2003
Hello everyone! I thought I would come on here and update whomever is interested in my progress with the system "prescribed" in the book "the acne cure: the revolutionary..." by Dr. Dubrow.
Well! I can't say I am cleared up completely, but what I can say is that I look SO much better! Before I started on this program, I would usually wake up with anywhere from 2-6 of those pesky whiteheads, and I was starting to get 1 to 2 large cyst-like, painful pimples forming every week or so... I had acne on almost every part of my face, though besides the aforementioned variety, most of it was "under the surface" red spots, very weird. Anyways, it has been 2.5 weeks on this program approximately and I have NO whiteheads. Gone are the mornings of waking up and having to get the tweezers and get pop-happy, gone are the huge painful bumps, all that I can see is the "under the surface" red spots and they are subsiding. My skin looks smooth. There are a couple of areas where I can actually see my normal skin peeking through! Just the fact alone that I don't have whiteheads anymore is wonderful, and my next goal would be to eliminate most of the acne I have now. One thing that has been pivital to my success is jojoba oil... I was VERY skeptical of this stuff at the beginning.. I mean come on, slathering oil on my face, something that is reported to be just like sebum? Well this oil is WONDERFUL. I have always had that tight feeling in my skin after washing my face, even with gentle soap-free cleanser, but now, when I immediately follow up cleansing with a quick pat of a tiny bit of jojoba oil, my face feels free to move and wonderfully moisturized. The stuff is amazing. At the beginning of my usage of it, I was really concerned that it was clogging my pores, because when I started using it I got a few new zits.. but as I learned they would have arrived anyway jojoba oil or no jojoba oil. I know that the oil is not clogging my pores because I have skipped on following the program for a couple of days these past two weeks, and I would start to get zits during these rest periods each time, but when I resumed the program and began using jojoba oil, they would subside and no new eruptions would happen. Plus, I have had no new zits form since, and I have upped my application of jojoba oil. It is the only thing that has saved my skin from dryness.. I tried proactiv a few months ago and it left my skin horribly flaky and scaley and disgusting looking.. this started to happen a little bit with this program, but as soon as I applied the jojoba oil the dryness is gone. I bought my jojoba oil at a health food store, about 8 dollars for 5 ounces or so.

Just a side note, I am not good at saying something concisely and precisely, I am sorry for the length..
For those interested in how i follow the program, here is what I do:

1-Cleanse oil/dirt with cetaphil cleanser for normal-to-oily skin. Rinse off.
2-Lightly pat face dry, then wet fingers and apply a dime-sized amount of neutrogena clear pore salicylic acid gel, 2%, to fingers, and apply all over face. Let sit for a few minutes (I brush my teeth here)
3- Rinse off SA gel, lightly pat face dry, and apply a small amount of 10% glycolic acid cream (I use one from a health food store by reviva labs) to face. let site for a few minutes (I get into the shower).
4- Rinse off GA cream, and then apply a tiny bit of jojoba oil to fingers, rub, and then lightly pat onto face and rub slightly.

1- Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the morning.
2- Take an ice cube and 'slide' around face for a couple of minutes, getting the skin cool and wet to the touch, paying particular attention to areas you can see pimple-forming-potential.
3- Make sure fingers are cold by rubbing ice cube on them, then apply a dime sized amount of refrigerated 2.5% (can go up to 5%) benzoyl peroxide gel (I use one leftover from my proactiv kit) to face.
4- Get a frozen solid ice pak, put into a zip loc bag or put saran wrap on it, and hold on each affected area of face, moving around face for about 10 minutes.
5- Repeat jojoba oil step from morning

a) The book states to use a salicylic wash. I mistakenly purchased a wash and salicylic gel separate, but actually like it better this way because I can choose a gentle cleanser and feel my skin is cleaner with something just designed to clean (?) and then apply the gel that is just designed to do it's job. My opinion.
b) The book also states to let an ice pak rest on your face for 10 minutes. I have found this impractical, for it is too cold to let it sit on your face for that long, and trying to put thin enough towels between you and the pak is cumbersome, plus the fact that the towels would seem to mop up the gel to me and so you would have to put it in a ziploc bag.. ok, I seem kinda obsessive. I found it easier to just hold the pak on each area till it just began to feel uncomfortable, and just move around the face.
c) The book talks about rinsing off or wiping off the products after each step. I found this only the case with the salicylic acid gel, as it seems to reactivate when water is applied to it and wash off, but the glycolic gel and benzoyl peroxide all absorbed into my skin after the few minutes, which is supposed to happen! I still rinse off the glycolic as the book states, but I do not wipe off the "extra" benzoyl because there never is any! :)
d) Another thing: glycolic acid. Despite the fact that the book says it has a minor-side effects, I had one day where this stuff stung like a bunch of deep pinpricks- so much that i had to sit and yell just to stand it. I sound like a nut! But that only happened that severe once. I researched this side effect and found that a light stinging sensation is normal right after applied, but then it leaves. That is what I have found, that it stings initially but then goes away. That is a sign to me that it is working however. I had a glycolic acid toner in my proactiv kit that didn't do much else than just lightly tingle.
e) and yet another thing: I have noticed some dryness and flaking on my upper eyelids, probably because I accidentally got some BP on them- I would say be careful to avoid areas like around the eyes that do not have much natural oils and are quite susceptible to dryness. Of course, some jojoba oil solved that problem. (this stuff is just amazing!)

Wow! That was REALLY long. But that is my regimen, and I will try to remember to come back and keep updating, I am going to give this till the end of July before I make my big opinion. I can definitely say I look MUCH better. It has stopped new zits from forming, and the ones I have now are shrinking! My face feels great and I am so excited to see what the next month will hold.

Happy acne fighting!

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