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Re: Yaz and acne
Jan 21, 2008
Hi! I actually went through pretty much what your daughter is going through now. I'm 18 now, but around I'd say 13 my face broke out around my chin. I immediately had low self-esteem and would avoid speaking to people if I could. My mom took me to a derm and I was prescribed different antibiotics, which would help for a couple years but eventually had an effect on my which caused some health issues from long time use. So my sophomore year of highschool I decided to go onto Accutane. The reason mainly for this was that I spent a year abroad for my junior year of highschool and did not want to be on medication. It worked out great, although for about 5 months my sophomore year it was absolutely terrible. Luckily as soon as my face cleared my confidence came back and I had a great time in Europe without even having to wear makeup. However, as soon as I came back to America my face worsed...well I wouldn't so much say it did worsen tremendously but around my period I would get one or two zits. Nothing bad really, but because of all the low self-esteem issues from prior much more terrible acne I had a hard time dealing with it my senior year. So I decided to go onto Yaz, I have only recently started it and haven't noticed too much of a change. But its not too big of a deal because im positive next time i get my period it won't there will be no zit or anything sprouting up on my face. But just to let you know, although Accutane made 5 months of my life very difficult, in the end it was worth it, it really helped me. My derm and I were talking about it and she said that had I not done Accutane and had it not helped me so much already that the BC would really not help me at all, basically I'm going on the BC just to take care of the extra hormonal issues every month. Hope this helps, and believe me I know exactly what you're daughter is going through. And the Bobbie Brown foundation stick will help with covering things, I have been using it pretty much sinc ethey came out with it and it's well worth the money! :)

[QUOTE=linsmom;3233824]Hello all! I am a "mom" on a mission to help my daughter with her acne problem. I have been researching awhile now, and have found this message board to be informative, helpful and encouraging. My initial post will probably be too long for most of you, but hopefully, one of you will hang long enough to read it through and offer some advice...
My daughter is now 14, and at this point has moderate/severe acne. Her initial acne began at 12. It has progressively worsened to overall facial acne, as well as, neck, chest & back acne.
I began addressing this issue with her pediatrian at age 12 - (he did prescribe Differin and then sent us on to the derm)...After two years of regimented care with topicals & antibiotics, by two different dermatologists, both of which continually encouraged "acne surgery" and flat-out refused to consider oral contraceptive (even after acknowledging my history-mild cystic acne early teen (15yrs old)-which BC cured at 18yrs old)....I was determined to get BC for acne treatment for my child, who was in complete misery. I researched the topic, and went back to our peditrician's office with my last attempt to attain this in an acceptable manner. Thank goodness, the female dr on staff that day, could relate to the pain & suffering my child has been experiencing, because she too had suffered with acne, knew the pain, listened to our circumstance, and finally gave us a presc. for Yaz.
I hope this will help my daughter....she is only 1 week in, but we are again, hopeful! She asks me everyday..."mom, does my face look better?"
Looking for feedback from others who have used Yaz for Acne Treatment, or from mom's with children that suffer with acne and how they have helped their children cope with it and what has worked for them.
Thanks so much for your time![/QUOTE]

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