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Re: Yaz and acne
Oct 24, 2006
[QUOTE=soccermomof2]My dr chose Yaz because I wanted a low does birth control because I have not done well on others in the past (headaches, stomach pain, etc). It seems like there are A LOT of good things about Yasmin. How long did it take for your daughter's acne to start clearing up to see an improvement?[/QUOTE]

I would say she saw a change right from the start. She broke out some in the 2nd - 4th months and now in the 5th, one side of her face is virtually clear. This is a huge change because her cheeks have been mostly broken out in the last couple of years. I only see her month-to-month because she is away at school and I could tell this month that there was a big improvement over last month. They say to give bc pills a good 6 months before making a decision and I can see that this is true. Yasmin has had a totally different effect than ortho-tri-cyclen which did not work for her plus she gained weight. I feel that the spironolactone has also helped a lot. It would be interesting to see if a lower dose pill such as Yaz would work as well.
Re: Yaz and acne
Sep 30, 2007
[QUOTE=linsmom;3233824]Hello all! I am a "mom" on a mission to help my daughter with her acne problem. I have been researching awhile now, and have found this message board to be informative, helpful and encouraging. My initial post will probably be too long for most of you, but hopefully, one of you will hang long enough to read it through and offer some advice...
My daughter is now 14, and at this point has moderate/severe acne. Her initial acne began at 12. It has progressively worsened to overall facial acne, as well as, neck, chest & back acne.
I began addressing this issue with her pediatrian at age 12 - (he did prescribe Differin and then sent us on to the derm)...After two years of regimented care with topicals & antibiotics, by two different dermatologists, both of which continually encouraged "acne surgery" and flat-out refused to consider oral contraceptive (even after acknowledging my history-mild cystic acne early teen (15yrs old)-which BC cured at 18yrs old)....I was determined to get BC for acne treatment for my child, who was in complete misery. I researched the topic, and went back to our peditrician's office with my last attempt to attain this in an acceptable manner. Thank goodness, the female dr on staff that day, could relate to the pain & suffering my child has been experiencing, because she too had suffered with acne, knew the pain, listened to our circumstance, and finally gave us a presc. for Yaz.
I hope this will help my daughter....she is only 1 week in, but we are again, hopeful! She asks me everyday..."mom, does my face look better?"
Looking for feedback from others who have used Yaz for Acne Treatment, or from mom's with children that suffer with acne and how they have helped their children cope with it and what has worked for them.
Thanks so much for your time![/QUOTE]

Hi mom, I can relate to your pain. I hated watching my daughter go through this. I think she handled it better than me. She started out with antibiotics at about age 12 or 13 and along with regular bio-medic plus peels she was clear for about two years. then it got bad again for some reason and she tried ortho-tri-cyclen which made her skin terrible. she went on accutane after that which was a nightmare. she scarred from the experience. now, 7 years later, she is on yasmin and 50 mgs. of spiro which is what has worked for the last year. she also sees a naturopath who is attempting to wean her off of the antibiotcs with detox's and pro-biotics. the meds messed up her digestive system but the body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the right tools. i had the exact same problems in my late teens and birth control pills are what worked for me. they are better than taking antibiotics for sure and also easier at this age when kids don't want to be bothered thinking too much about their skin. they just would rather be living their lives. good luck to you and check in here often and let us know how you are doing.
Re: Yaz and acne
Oct 24, 2007
[QUOTE=linsmom;3274084]Well, I wish I could report improvement for my daughter, but it is getting worse. She has completed 1mo on Yaz, just started the 2nd pack this week. Is is normal for the acne to get worse...wondered how long on bc before your daughter saw improvement. Do you think antibiotics with bc is helpful? She is very depressed about the acne getting worse. Thanks for any reply.[/QUOTE]

I can only comment on the Yasmin because my daughter never took Yaz. So she started in May of 2006. The first two months there was not real noticeable improvement although she says she thought her skin texture changed. Into the 3rd month is when things took off. By 6 months she was virtually clear but had scars and red marks. She also added spiro in the 2nd month. I still don't know how well she would have done just on the Yasmin alone. I think a short course of antibiotics would not hurt just to get her over the hump. My daughter STILL takes them. I don't like it but she is afraid to get off. I think she would be OK without them now and she is trying to wean off of them. tell her to hang in there. One month is not enough to see any real improvement.

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