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for this routine you will need - dettol bar soap, johnsons baby lotion (pink one) and TCP liquid.

I mix 100ml of tcp liquid with 400ml of baby lotion ( is best to this in a empty500ml plastic water bottle, one of them types with a squeazy top thing are best ) Just pour youre 100ml bottle of tcp in and then fill the rest of the bottle up with the baby lotion. Then hey presto you got youre mixture spot on:cool: It is best very important to give the bottle of the solution you made a good shake before use, just to make sure the tcp liquid is evenly mixed with the baby lotion.

anyhows...... basically my skin routine is I showe in the morning using dettol soap for my hair, I like to build up a nice thick creamy lather of soap up on my face and body and leave it on for a minute or so ( so the dettol soap gets chance to kill bacteria ) . Just bfore I get out he shower i put the water setting on to ice cold and give myself a good rinse down.

After my shower I make sure I am competley dry and then I apply to soloution I made to my face/neck and body ( making sure i give the solution bottle a good shake first ) I never use the solution as a cleanser using cotton wool, personally i find that will just irritates youre skin and can make acne flare up. Is best to aplly this solution just using youre finger tips and lightly rub it in.

I also shower in the evening and apply the lotion afterwards to, can be a pain having 2 showers a day, but one you get use to this routine it is quite hassle free. The reson i shower twice a day is because I suffer from body acne to, so you will find this solution good for face and body acne, if you dont suffer from body acne then you could just was youre face twice a day and not worry about having to shower twice and appling the solotuion to youre body.

I've been doing this routine for about a week and I am virtually clear, so if it works for me I iamgine it can work for some other people to. I probally went on a bit there explaining this routine, but just wanted to make sure my instructions were totaly clear!


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