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I'm a 22 year old male and i've had a problem with my face for nearly a year now.

It started last November. I've had random acne problems throughout my life, but none of them were serious...just random small breakouts. I've always used benzoyl peroxide creams to conrol it and they seem to work great...but anyway onto the main problem.

Last November I started to notice redness around my nasal crease and below my lower lip above my chin. At first I thought nothing of it and assumed it was either allergy or weather related and that it would go away. But it slowly got worse, and By December and into January I nearly had a red circle around my mouth. There's a red dash on both sides of my nasal crease that goes down to the sides of my mouth. And two above my chin that go up to the sides of my mouth. I saw a dermatologist and he told me it was Seborrhea. He gave me cortisone cream and I continued using it for a month. I had no results at all and if anything the discoloration was worse. I have fair skin and i'm fairly pale so the redness shows up easily and it's not hard to spot. I went to a physician for a 2nd opinion and he told me the same thing...that it was seborrheic dermititis and to continue using cortisone based creams on it.

So I started using the cream more frequently and still after a few months no result. I've even tried antifungal creams and still nothing. So here we are a year later and if anything it's the worst it ever has been. It's easily noticeable and I don't even wanna leave the house...i'm embarrased by this and it's changed my life dramatically.

To make matters worse, the excessive use for cortisone based creams over the last year has caused blood vessels in my face to break...which makes the redness and discoloration even worse.

The only thing i've been able to do is use concealer/makeup to coverup the bad spots, and that doesn't even get the job done.

I've been living with this for a year now and I'm really starting to give up. It just WILL NOT go away. The discoloration is terrible. The rest of my face is fine, and if anything my acne has almost completely gone away.

A few other things i've tried include Vitamins especially the B vitamins, to help my skin and increase immunity towards it. I've also tried "cleansing" herbal vitamins such as goldenseal root to maybe do something about the infection but nothing helps. I smoke cigarettes and i'm not sure if they inhibit it or not.

My face is almost ruined. I really don't know what to do...and I can't live with this much longer:confused:

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