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Please read my thread a few pages back about "This brought my acne under control". I am not an "herbalist" or one of those people into natural healing methods, but by far THIS HAS WORKED FOR ME!

I truly believe that the body is created to self cure itself and whenever we expereience a headache, rashes or breakouts from an unknown source, our body is crying out for attention to be taken care of better. In my case, my problem was my entire body system was in need of cleansing and flushing out. Impurities, toxins and wastes are trying to get out and when they have no other way to be released, (ie, drinking enough water) they will come out whatever way they can. For me it was my face. The problem was too far gone to be "cured" simply by drinking more water to see an improvement in my face. I went on a two week system cleanse to target all of my organs and I have never had a breakout since. Honest truth!

The last time my body "told me" that I needed a total system cleanse was about 4 years back and I was having severe malaise and headaches. After the first 2 days of the cleanse, I was on my way to feeling back to normal and my headaches went away.

Creams only cover up the situation for a while or you experience more breakouts. It's like the body yells out, "Didn't you hear me you idiot? I said I need to be taken care of and you are simply covering up my problems by putting an ace bandage on me!".

In closing, [COLOR="Red"]get to the root of the problem[/COLOR]. A system/colon cleanse is a good place to start.

BTW, like you, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. I had cystic acne for two years and my skin was horrible. My skin is spot free now. No meds!

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