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Good morning M

You sound so confident being back with this lady. I hope she can help you. I'm starting to be convinced that derms certainly can't fix me either. I keep thinking about it over and over and I really believe it just isn't typical acne. I get the oil filled ones that just appear. althought the accutane helps, it doesn't get rid of the stuff completely. I find that a little hard to believe. I have researched the Elidel as much as I can and found a few instances where lupus patients were dx with adult onset acne only to find out that it isn't. I have found Elidel being used for some lupus rashes and such. I don't know if I'm on the right path, but I realize now that for whatever reason the azelex/finacea only irritated my skin. some of the bumps that have been under there are still under there.....6 months now. They are raised and mostly skin colored. My chin has been breaking out pretty bad again. First one side and then the other. Only the oil filled ones. I pricked one and the oil came out and then it literally closed up again. Its like my immune sysyten just speeds over there and closes it up or something. I've been pretty depressed. If I just knew what path to follow, but I'm lost. I see the derm on Tuesday. Seriously thinking about an increase in the tane to at least help before my trip. I'm sooo sick of thinking about this!!!
I am still using the jojoba oil. I have also added the forte lotion 1 which contains water and glycolic acid. Its actually more like a gel and pretty runny. I've only used it in a couple areas since wednesday and it hasn't dried out or made the area red. I am hoping it will exfoliate some of the old top layers and thus keep the pores open somehow. Just my thoughts, but I've tried everything else. I am also considering after my trip, going off the accutane and trying the spiro or flutamide again if he says no to the Elidel or it doesn't help. M, I'm just so tired. Sad to say, but sometimes I feel like this consumes me and that I'll never be happy with myself again.
I am glad though that you are moving in a positive direction. I hope this lady can help you move past this. Sounds like she's more helpful than the derm!
As far as the a. acid, maybe it just doesn't work for some people. I read the posts from people that have used tazorac, azelex, retin a, differin, minocycline and even accutane, and while I am happy for their success, I just can't understand why nothing will clear this for me. I've done so much research and don't know what else to even look up. Today I woke up and once again realized this is part of my life. Very depressing.
Hope you are feeling good about things today.


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