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hi all,
thank you so much for the support.
well, let me update you as of now....
my parents and i had a long (i mean long) chat about all of this and microderm., etc. and their concerns as parents and further scarring, my sanity, etc. anyway, they support that this procedure needs to be done, but just question the timing (is it too soon, etc.?) anyway, they said that if I got one more derm.'s recommendation, then i could start july 3rd. well, i made an appointment with my old old derm (who treated my brother with accutane and now has FLAWLESS skin for 10 years since) and he saw me right away because he knows what i have been through. he took a look at me and felt my face (i hate when they do that, but they must to see what's there..i just think "bacteria"). he said go ahead with the microderm with my e. (who he used to work with for many years) and said that i should also get ipl photo facials in conjuction with the microderm to reduce the redness and hyperpigmentation (purple marks). for those of you that don't know, this is a nonlaser, no downtime, light treatment that treats rosacea, redness, etc. of the skin. he said that this would help a lot with the redness while the microderm helped even out and smooth my skin over the full course. he recommended 5 ipl's to me and said he wanted to do them and wants the e. to continue with the microderms. i picked up the brochure that explains it, and what do you know, it says microderm. enhances the effects of the ipl. so, it all sounds good, and judging by these treatments, i might be normal (or so) by the new year (let's pray) because these things take 6-8 months total. so i got the go ahead for the microderm. and now i have to talk to my parents about this (oh boy, here comes another long talk) and i am hoping they will be supportive of this to get rid of the redness since it is nonabrasive and nonlaser and no downtime. the stuff that my e. has me using right now (5 things in the AM and 5 things in the PM) are really exfoliating my skin right now (more than the tazorac did in 2 months). they are all aha or BP or salacylic based and i have calming lotions with aloe and primrose oil, etc. i love the products, but man is my face peely and a whole hue of pink (not bad, but noticeable to me and the derm. today). the e. says these are to prep my skin for the microderm. and that hopefully they will help peel the scars that have been there forever (6 months and counting). and i am noticing that my large pores which looked like an orange on my right cheek are almost gone and i don't know if that is from my face being swollen (i can't tell because i have naturally chubby cheeks or if the stuff is really working miracles for me...let's hope the latter is true). i put this crazy exfoliating mask on everynight and leave it on all night and she says i can do it more if i like, but oh my gosh i don't think i could handle more peeling, and she doesn't want me wearing makeup, etc. And the mask directions say "use 2 times a week and rinse off after 10 minutes" she has me doing it every night and all night long (12 hours or so) and the box says it may burn too, but it doesn't really burn just stings for awhile but she said she expects that it would do that to me because i am so sensitive right now. i called and left a message with her about the ipl stuff and she doesn't work today, so she will call me tomorrow and let me know if it is ok to do this while she is taking care of me. i am still taking dynacin, but hoping in a few months that i can slowly stop if i am under control. my acne right now is limited to a few cysts on my chin and milia and clogged pores. i will keep you posted about all of this and my journey, beginning on july 3rd. pray for me, i will do the same for you!!!!
sorry for the long post

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