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My skin since i have started to drink more fluids as in water, has been looking alot better. But i seem to have the worse whiteheads on my forhead and also have a problem with clogged/enlarged pores? This occurs mainly on the sides of my nose and on my upper cheeks. Anything i can do about the whiteheads or enlarged pores? Also, sometimes at night i dont wash some hair stuff out my hair and go to bed, can this be causing this stuff? I dont use alot of hair clay, but a little bit. Any suggestions greatly appreciate it.
I have a ton all over my forehead as well. On the sides of my nose, on my upper cheeks. I still to this day can not find a darn thing to make these things go away.
I did receive a comment from a girl at work last week though... she said they could be from my hair always hanging on my forehead, like your bangs and etc... Not sure if thats true, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to start washing that stuff out of your hair everynight, see if it makes a difference.
Good Luck! :)
A Good Facial Would Help You. Don't Let Anyone Put Creme On You. Have You Considered Microdermabrasion?

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