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Hey everyone

Im 21 and started getting acne when I was about 14. I've had 2 long courses of max dose roaccutane and that reduced the severity but it never completely cleared and it has since slowly been increasing over my face, neck etc. I tried to convince a dermatologist to give me roaccutane again but since I've depression since the 2nd course she wouldn't let me due to the supposed risk of suicide (you can imagine how let down I felt after that - talk about ironies).

Anyway I've read a fair bit of stuff but everyone seems to be contradicting each other saying some things work some things don't. I just bought a copy of the 'Your Last Acne solution' by some guy called Leo and am waiting on the delivery. I have no idea if that is just some hoax or if it really does work. But that is how desperate I am to get rid of this. Is there any general consensus about what to do to clear acne. I am modifying my diet to remove chocolate, soft drink etc and eat more vegetables, fruit etc but I really don't know what to do.

The dermatologist just wanted to prescribe some new antibiotic lotion combined with benzoyl peroxide. But I have tried older antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide before although they were seperate they still didnt do anything. Im honestly tired of wasting money on useless creams and lotions.

Does anyone know anything that you can do that is very likely to largely clear acne????

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