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hi, i'm going on a vacation in 2 weeks overseas and want to look good. i don't have much active acne anymore but i do have scars still. even though i face looks clearer, the scars are what stand out on the sides of my cheeks and near my jawline. is there any kind of cover-up or something i can use to blend with my skin to hide my scars that doesn't clog your pores. i'm new to this so please any other guys out there do this stuff or know any products. and any ladies wanna also offer tips, advice, or products? thanks :).
I tbink trying to cover up marks make them become even more noticable, especially for a male.

Lots of people have pimple and scars. People just accept them and don't really think about it. But when you see someone trying to cover it up with thick make up then people stop and look at it and wonder why are you trying to hide it.

I say spend more time building your own confidence and face the world as you are. If you are confident you can sell anything, even a few scars on your face.

Instead try sailcylic acid. Dermalogica have a good 2% "medicated clearing gel" which will help heal the skin.
thanks, i still face the world and not hide. i am confident but i would like a clearer face too. the scars seem to be fading but they are still noticeable. i just need some kind of temporary cover up for these blemishes for 2 weeks.

i am using a 2% salicylic wash and its helping. i just want a temporary fix in the mean time.

any other suggestions?

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