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My solution to Acne
Oct 20, 2006
I have good skin! It is amazing. I wanted to share with everyone what worked for me, especially because it is free and easy.

I am in my late 20's and since I was 18 I have had TERRIBLE cystic acne, the kind where I got huge welts that stayed for weeks on end and left scars when they findally went away. I had to go on accutane when I was 19, which helped a lot but still left me with frequent welts and other forms of acne.

I was in Italy for vacation and trying to think of a cheap way to eat. I thought that I would buy tins of sardines and a tomato and a banana and that would hold me over for the day until dinner, saving me money. When I came home after my trip, everyone was amazed at how good my skin looked. But when I went back to my regular eating habits, the acne returned. My mother asked me what I had done when I was in Italy. I told her about eating sardines everyday and she told me that was what was stopping the acne, the Omega-3's in the sardines.

Finally I got sick of the acne and decided to do an experiment to see if the sardines really would fix the problem. I made up my mind to eat sardines every single day and to avoid junk foods. For several weeks I ate sardines every morning and stuck to a healthy regimen of fruits and veggies along with lots of Omega-3 oils that you can buy at the health food stores (I used the seed form, the powder form and even the direct oil form.) No meat, pastas, refined flour products, etc. I bastically had a motto - if it is not a veggie, a fruit or a fish, don't eat it.

My face was really clearing up. I began to do some research to figure out why this seemed to work and I discovered that acne is often a hormone imbalance and that Omega-3 oils, which are found in fish, help regulate this balance. The sardines were actually regulating my hormones which was causing my acne to stop. I learned that foods that I had ate before, like sugars, refined flour, etc. are foods that throw hormones out of wack, thus causing breakouts. The solution to my problem was all in the fish (the Omega-3 hormone balancing agent) along with a diet that would work with the fish to help keep my hormones in balance.

Now I eat fish every day and am acne free. I eat a sardine in the morning (I know it sounds gross for breakfast) and in the evening on my salad I put wild alaskan sockeye salmon (you can get it in a can at Wal-Mart and this kind does not have mercury in it.) I try to eat as much seafood as possible. I also began drinking LOTS of water (about 10 or more cups a day) and for one of those glasses of water I put two teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother) in the water which gets rid of toxins and gives you soft skin. Also, putting lemon in your water helps get rid of toxins as well, which I do. All of these things have been making my skin look so much better (giving it a glow and just a nicer look to the texture) and I feel so healthy as well.

I have realized that mainstream medicine is all wet when they say what you eat does not cause acne. This really worked for me and is still working and I recommend it to others as well. Best of all, it is cheap (getting sardines at Wal-Mart is very inexpensive but can be costly other places) and does not require all kinds of pills or lotions or trips to the dermatologist. I just wish someone would have told me sooner!

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