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did this work or is it working for you? my doctor originally prescribed differin but my insurance diddnt cover it so i was stuck with this. i read online that anything stronger than 2.5% will only make skin worse, is this true? im currently using it once a day before bed and taking an anti biotic twice a day, and im a 14 year old boy
does differin contain benzoyl peroxide if not whats the active ingrident
i would never use more than 2.5 % it doesnt work any better the higher you go it just irritates more!
you can get benzoyl peroxide over the counter, so I don't know why you bother to get the perscription, but differin is a form of Retin-A, and it makes your skin shed faster, benzoyl peroxide is a drying agent, what I don't understand is if your doctor wanted you on differin(Retin-A) then why did they give you benzoyl peroxide, there is a generic for Retin-a that is called Tertinoin. Insurance companies suck sometimes, they just wanna give you the cheapest thing possible. Id say get the Benzoyl peroxide over the counter and if it works great it will be much cheaper for you if not go to your doc and see what other options you have for topicals.
I use 10% BP a coupel times a week or just when i start breaking out and it really doesnt irritate me that much, i even used it while on accutane every other night lol So im not sure if more than 2.5% works any better or not, but i always use the 10% just because my skin can handle and it zaps zits really quick.
my mom says its really working on my mouth acne but the problem is that its really drying my skin out. is that good? isnt that how zits go away, by drying out? its to the point where it hurts to open my mouth, i dont even use that much, only a thin coat before bed!! my pediatrician said not to put moisturizer after i apply the BP but i dont think she knows what she is talking about cuz shes not a dermatologist

also i have a random question, i got this really bad hair cut that shows off all of my forehead and temple acne that i have been hiding for a while, my mom says its good for the skin to get some sun and air so that it'll heal faster. is this true?? i got this huge oval shaped cyst with no whitehead on my eyebrow and it just wont seem to go away, what should i do?? the bp looks like its drying it out and it feels scaley kinda, im scared its gonna leave a huge scar like the ones i have on my temples!! if this huge zit would go away then i'd atleast have an ounce of self-esteem left. please any advice

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