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[QUOTE=snowcloud]Please help! I am at my wits end! :(

I am a 33 year old female, and although I did have problem skin as a teenager (nothing too bad), my skin cleared up for the most part when I was into my 20s. Now, since I am in my 30s, my skin is the worst it has ever been.

I am severely depressed about this (I already have a history with depression to begin with). I donít want to be around anyone because I am so self-conscious. :( I have been to the dermatologist a few times, but nothing that she has prescribed is helping me in the least. If anything, it is making my skin look worse. Just when my skin appears to be clearing up, it explodes with breakouts all over again. She has prescribed Oracea and Duac cream. I canít understand why she prescribed Oracea though. From what I have researched on rosacea, it is not what I appear to have. I feel so frustrated because I canít find any help. :(

I am also vegetarian (nearly vegan). I do not eat anything containing dairy or eggs, and of course no meat. I also take a daily multi-vitamin and a flax seed oil supplement. I am, however, addicted to caffeine in soda form. Can anyone tell me if this could be what is causing my acne? Has anyone seen their acne completely clear up after stopping soda or caffeine in general? And what about gluten? Can it also cause breakouts?

As far as my cleansing regimen, I use Cetaphil cleanser in the mornings and St. Ives Clear Pore cleanser in the evening after I exercise, as I feel that the Cetaphil cleanser doesnít get my skin clean enough. I also used a mild St. Ives scrub a few times a week, as well as Queen Heleneís Mint Julep masque and Grape Seed peel-off masque a few times a week. Am I using too many products on my skin? Are they too harsh? I do seem to have very sensitive skin. My skin doesn't appear to be very oily, maybe a bit around my t-zone, but it appears to be dry for the most part, but I am still breaking out! :confused: :mad:

Could depression and anxiety be the cause of my breakouts? It appears that when I take Xanax for anxiety my skin clears up a little. Does anyone here know of an antidepressant that will also clear up acne?

I am sorry for the long-winded post. I am desperate for help as you can see. If anyone could answer any of my questions, or give me some helpful advice, or can just relate, I would be very pleased and grateful to hear from you. Thanks so much for your time.[/QUOTE]

My derm just prescribed me Oracea also for my acne. I looked it up and its a rosacea treatment. So I'm a little worried on whether or not it will work...I've been on accutane twice and it worked perfect, but a yr after tx's, my acne returns. I've only been on the oracea for 1 week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I too am very depressed about this and can't even bring myself to go out of the house except for work. I am close to being a vegetarian...I do eat some cheese occasionally, so not Vegan, but I also eat chicken and fish occasionally and nuts regularly, so i know I get enough protein. I stayed in all this weekend with aspirin on my spots, and rubbed my face in the morning with fresh lemon. My skin seems to look a little better after 2 days of that, but I can't do it forever. :( I take lots of vitamins and flax seed oil's so frustrating that you can do all the right things and have nothing work!!!

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