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Does anyone here use hydrogen peroxide cream?

I use Pro-Activ right now and it helps, but I can't help but notice the redness and mild irritation it causes around the zits I get. I used to have fairly bad acne, but after a few years of all sorts of pills and ointments from my Dermatologist I stopped going there and started trying out zinc, acidophilus, and flaxseed oil and the like. I started using the natural remedies after the acne had turned into just a few zits and overall redness. I want to rid my face of the redness and I've heard that hydrogen peroxide cream under trials has shown to have virtually the same effect on diminishing cystic acne, and mild acne as benzoyl peroxide ( which is the primary ingredient in Pro-Activ's acne treatment) with essentially no irritation.

I want to use up what I have left of my Pro-Activ before moving on to the H2O2 cream that I bought from Philosophy. I just figure why waste the stuff and plus who knows what this new stuff will do. I was wondering also if anyone ever used both benzoyl peroxide and hydrogen peroxide cream like one in the morning and the other at night.

My plan though is to use Cetaphil face wash in the morning and just moisturize and then use the H2O2 cream at night. I really think that the benzoyl peroxide is causing more harm at this point than it is helping to clear the small sized dots I have now. Thanks to anyone in advance!

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