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[QUOTE=xphile]wow, so nobody has any solid answers for my question, that really doesnt surprise me at all. The only conversation i see on this board is "greasy foods give you pimples" and similar comments devoid of any scientific proof. You all need to stop listening to one another and see a professional who can give successful diagnosis and treatment before you go crazy with paranoia from all these contradictions.
I honestly can't believe how seriously you take each other, if I started a thread titled "rubbing oreo cookie crumbs on pimples will shrink your pores and result in clear skin in 2 weeks or less" I guarantee at least one person tries it.[/QUOTE]

Come on, these are people who are desperate for answers. They'll try anything and FYI most of us HAVE been to see doctors, trust me, a doctor isn't necessarily a quick fix. You may see a doctor with extreme ineptitude who doesn't take anything you say seriously or may trivialize your problems. If you read through more post you *may* just see that as a reoccuring theme throughout these boards. Not only that, but what if people don't have insurance? They look to these boards to advice without having to pay insane medical bills. Also, for people with complex acne issues it takes a myriad of products, medications, ect. It takes a couple of tries to get a successful regimen. Not everyone is fixed by Retin-A or Accutane or Anti-biotics the first try. They WOULD try rubbing oreos on their face, just for hope. So stop pontificating and focus on your own problems. OH and - people on here aren't doctors, so I don't know what you expect when you act like we all sit in labs all day with bunsen burners trying to figure out why perhaps men don't have an initial breakout on accutane, because frankly no one cares except you, which may be WHY no one responded to your post.

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