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Hi guys and gals

Late here for me. M, I hope that through all of this someone here can help to guide you in the right direction. Sweetjade is trying to help with all the knowledge she has and the rest of us are trying to support you. I wish I had a bit of wisdom to help, but through my own battles I'm not sure I have anything viable to give right now. But I am here for you to cry to, or scream to or whatever makes you feel better at that moment.
Swwetjade, can you please elaborate on the pore clogging ingredients in the azelex? I would be interested in this. It truely seemed as if I just kept breaking out more and more instead of just maybe an initial breakout. and the pimples were angry I and inflamed more than usual. Now as you may know, I stopped using this last friday. Temporarily I didn't breakout as much, but really I think its because the azelex literally burned and irritated the skin off of my face. I have used glycolic cleanser to wash with 1 time per day for 5 years and that has never reacted that badly. Also, can you tell me what your assumption would be about small oil filled pimples ( sometimes inflamed, but sometimes not)....that come around the chin area and scattered throughout the rest of the face.??? The derm says they are acne, but probably 80 to 90% of mine are these oil filled pimples. And there can be 5 or 10 in an immediate area of 1" or so on the chin. Usually to me it appears that the oil simply develops and can't get out. That's where the tazorac was supposed to come in. ...Well sometimes it appeared to help and sometimes not. I have had these for 5 years. I took spiro 125mg for the 5 years prior and one day it seemingly stopped working. Since then a hysterectomy (complete) and a lupus diagnosis. Have ALWAYS thought this to be because of the lupus. Tried the spiro again for the last 9 months.....first 100mg per day and then 150 mg per day....nothing. Then I simply took 50mg per day along with starting yasmin in January. The bc pill has not cleared nor made the acne worse though its helped the hot flashes etc. I currently take accutane 40 mg to control lupus plaques and acne. Even the 5 month course didn't seem to clear the fluid/oil filled ones and as I've cut down everything else has re appeared too. You seem to be so knowledgeable, I just thought you may be able to help me decifer whether this is acne, and if so, is it a bacterial problem, or hormonal or what. I too have used everything under the sun and nothing really clears me.. The spiro kept me completely clear on its own at one time and this time all it did was dry my skin out so much that it was tight and in my opinion it just buried the pimples deeper. I have some that haven't come up yet that have been there since probably December. The azelex seemed to be digging them up at one point, but because of the irritation, I couldn't decide if I was then breaking out from that or if I had a problem from the azelex or what. Any thoughts on this mess are appreciated.

And to everybody here, I know that my posts are generally long winded and ramble on. At 38 years old, everyone else I know has clear skin and I have no one else to help me with this. I feel like a 2 year old saying that, but it really is true. I had acne here and there in my life, and this "acne" seems different to me. I just wish I would wake up and not even care about this anymore. I have such a wonderful child and husband. I'm very lucky in so many ways. And I can deal with the lupus, but for some reason I feel the need to control this. Am I just crazy??


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