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Yeah the hair and if you got bangs its worst. I alway tie my hair up or part it so the hair stays behind the ears. Don't touch the forehead. I believe your bumps under the skin are whiteheads (clogged Pores). Exfoliate the dead skin helps it to surface then it can be treated. This problem happens alot on the forhead I get them too. its always good to wash your hair before you sleep and have a clean pillow case to sleep on and keep the hair away from your face while sleep as well. As to products Barry here got a lot of good ideas for you to try. I like the Avalon Organics Vitamin C Balancing Facial Toner TOO. You can try queen helens mint scrub and mask its great for pimples and many people have tried it and it works for them. Oh and if you use styling products in your hair.... I notice sometimes it cause blemishes on forehead too. It could be allergic reaction to hair products and also the product gets on the forehead and clog the pores. Since the head is hot it kind of leaks on the skin through out the day. I don't use hair products anymore and I have notice great results on the forehead. Treating the forehead will take time so hang in there..:D

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