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accutane is really bad for you...there have been sucides linked to accutane due to severe depression it also has other health effects. I heard recent claims in the news of extreme health effects, such as severe liver damage (Hepatotoxicity) a form of hepatitis. there are other medictions you can use for acne. Accutane is used on extreme cystic like acne that causes terrible pain and infenction. If your doctor is giving you this when u dont have extreme cystic acne he is a jerk. Accutane should be used as a last resort and for a very short time. my boyfriend used it like 10 years ago when he was like 15 and he said it caused sever depression for him and weight problems. I used to have really bad skin and my skin is cured now thanks to some simple over the counter products. Usually people in their 20s have bad acne becase theyr skin is not hydrated enough, i know this sound crazy but if your skin produces extra oil around your nose and forhead and sides of cheeks is because your skin is trying to hydrate itself with oils but the problem is that due to dryness and lack of exfoliation the top layer of skin becomes thick and flaky and it cloggs the pores so the oil being produced under the skin to try to hydrate the top layer is getting stuck underneath causing pimples. i pesonally use some great products that are inexpensive. [B]face Wash:[/B] PURPOSE by Johnson & Jonson ( amazing stuff)
[B]Moisturizer:[/B] Cetaphil With SPF15 (green Bottle) use alot of this stuff it will actually help clear your pimples i swear. [B]Exfoliation:[/B] Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover (Best scrub ever) I hope this helps

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