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I've been dealing with moderate body acne for 7 years now (Im 27). I've tried many if not all of the natural cures out there and none have really worked. I took minocycline and tetracycline for facial acne when I was younger and both of them stopped working at one point or another and it's my personal belief that they somehow contributed to my acne mutating to my body from my face. In any event, for the past 5 years I've been keeping my body acne manageable by using Carly's clear and smooth and not lifting weights. But barely manageable. The Carly's helps but the acne is still 'there' eager to come out and play if I get too little sleep, eat really badly for a while, have too much fun drinking, start lifting weights again etc... In any event, one of the things I never tried properly was taking Omega 3's. I've been taking 4000-5000mg of Omega 3 fish oil capsules for not even one week and I've definetely noticed a change in my skin. Its way softer, more flush, less irritated, and the pimples that are showing up this week (which is already fewer than usual) are all tiny compared to the medium to large sized bumps that usually form. I also added some neem pills to the mix two days ago for a little more kick. The verdict is still out on whether or not they're helping. Since one of the things the omega 3 is said to help with is somehow regulating hormones, I've now considered looking into the Zinc option as well because it supposedly also helps in this domain. I remember trying it a few years ago, but Im not sure I ever bought the right brand as I know I've read that some forms of zinc do work and others dont. Can anybody who was kind enough to read my post let me know of which kind of zinc I should use (is it zinc citrate?) and/or whether or not zinc helped them with their acne? I'd really appeciate it.


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