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Hey everyone...ive had some type of acne since i was 22 now...ive used everything...i went on diane 35, but still got cysts and finally stopped getting them after 6 months...then my doc took me off diane a bit later...i switched to ortho skin acted up again..then switched to yasmin, my skin acted up again big time...then i went back on diane and then accutane 2 months after skin is now nice and clear...finally... so anxious and really worried about when i decide to come off diane...i have heard nothing but horrible stories about ppl coming off diane and how there skin went crazy..even worse than orignally...i dont wanna be on bc but im terrified to come off...ive dealt with this long enough and i really dont know if i can do it again..what happens when i decide to try for a baby.. question is...has anybody had a positive experience coming off diane...? or at least a not so bad experience..or im i doomed to go through this devil that we call acne again that scars our lives....please any responses...

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