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I have suffered from SEVERE acne for the past 3 years of my life. Granted im only 19 years old, it is kinda expected. But I was on anti-biotics too long and developed candita. If you are in the same boat, i will tell you exactly what i did to cure my problem! I use:

ThreeLac (dietary supplement used to fight candita)
1000 Mg oderless garlic
150 Mg Olive leaf extract
800 MG Malic Acid
Active Digestive Enzymes
1000 Mg Flaxseed oil
Acidophilus-the higher the live organisms, the better! (for candida sufferers)

Also, while taking Threelac & Olive leaf extract, make sure you are eating PLENTY of fiber. Regular bowel movements are a MUST to expell the toxins that are released from the dying Candida cells.

Topical Treatment:
Apple Cider Vinegar\r- Mix in a bowl, 4 parts water, 1 part vinegar. Wash the face very well.. then rinse with water. After rinsing, apply the vinegar to your face with a cotton pad and allow to dry. The vinegar will make your skin much more acidic, which will fight any current infection and eliminate future problems!! Applying it straight to my face burned like hell, so i just rinse with the water/vinegar mixture. If you can tolerate it, i would definately recommend it! ITS WORKED "'WONDERS""" FOR ME!!!!

After Vinegar is dry, apply Aloe to entire face. Not the lotion from the store, go out and get the actual plant!!! I rip the leaf open and just rub the "snot" all over my face. The sensation is so releaving!! The aloe will promote FAST healing and prevent scaring!!! I follow do this routine morning and night, and it is working wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been only 3 days since i've been doing this treatment. I started with almost "NO" clear spots on my face. It was completely covered in acne. 3 days later, ALL of my spots are dried up (from the vinegar), and my marks are becoming less and less noticable (thanks to the aloe). My parents have spent THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars on acne treatments for me, and this natural system is the only thing that has worked!! You name the topical cream or dermo recommended pills, i've tried it... Please give this a try! Helping other acne sufferers is very dear to me, because I had it so bad, i put myself on antidepressants. GIVE IT A TRY! AND GOOD LUCK!!

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