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[QUOTE=Erica Kane]If you're cursed, you're cursed - sad, but true.[/QUOTE]

not true. that's what i also thought before but just by researching more and more deeply, sticking my eyes on my monitor, i found out that that wasn't the case after all.

some acnes can be treated easily while some dont. if, for example, you get acne because you drink 2 glasses of milk every night then you can easily cure your acne by stopping drinking those. if your acne/oily skin problem is exactly caused by high androgen levels, then take hormone balancers such as saw palmetto or spiro, etc. if your acne/oily skin problem is exactly caused by your liver having too much toxic or bombarded with foods that aren't good for you, then take milk thistle or do a liver flush. (that also goes to digestive problems). if your acne/oily skin problem is exactly caused by high levels of inflammatory prostaglandin series 2 (PG2), then take enough EPA and GLA to get the un-inflammatory PG1 and PG3. this list goes on.
some causes are a [b]combination of things.[/b] we are all different. we all have different causes. it's just a matter of finding the [b]RIGHT, EXACT, ROOT[/b] cause of your problem.

if anyone is concerned, i decreased my oily skin to almost normal by taking fish oil, borage oil, and milk thistle (that was 4 months ago). i recently added zinc to my regime and i noticed a huge improvement on my acne! prior to taking zinc, my left & right jawline was breaking out like crazy! then after 2 weeks of taking zinc, my jawline is almost crystal clear already! my left jawline has two acnes and that's it! i hope i found the root of my defiency and i hope i found my cure. (knock on wood) :)


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